Monday, September 28, 2015

0/27/2015 Second Typhoon HItting Today!


Sooooo today is Typhoon day wahoooooo. Right now the wind is suuuuper strong but there's not much in the way of rain so its all good. Stuff's blowing everywhere though. I don't think the storm's supposed to hit taizhong super hard so im not incredibly worried.

haha Senorrrr looking at the old notes. Any good ones? What's the oldest one that you found?

As far as the bike, the one i have is good as of now. If it becomes a matter of safety, I will immediately get a new one, don't worry.

Temps have actually been relatively lower on this end as well. It's kinda sorta starting to feel like fall which is nice.

Wow rough week in sports..

Sounds like smeag, amy, and phil are all working super hard in their respective spheres. 

YOU'RE looking forward to conference? haha i'm so pumped its unreal. We're actually gonna be watching it a week later tho so don't spoil it for me. It takes a week for us to get the mandarin broadcast or something. We will be in one of the classrooms, however, watching it in English along with whoever else wants to watch in English. Heard about Elder Scott, he's been close for a while now. Crazy that 3 went all so close together.

Do you guys want to go on a mission someday senor?

Still hard to believe mitchell is back. Funny how time flies and slows down at the same time when someone goes on a mission.

Mommy sounds like you're staying busy with volunteering, family history, church callings etc. Make sure to relax every once and a while :)

The teaching is going okay.  To be honest, right now i don't think i'm the best teacher.

The language is definitely familiar, but there's a reason why everyone says chinese is so hard. I mean i can get around and people can roughly understand what im trying to say but I probably sound like a very uneducated person when i am talking.

Ahhhh so much goes on here in one week but then a week later i dont even know what happened and don't know what i should tell you guys. So if you have any specific questions or interests please tell me what you want to hear...

We've had a slightly less busy week this week as far as teaching lessons because of zhong qiu jie. Anna has her big English test this Sunday so that's what she's worrying about right now. We're hoping that afterward she will be able to not be as stressed out and will be able to keep progressing. We also have found a few new people that we have set up for this week so we'll see how that goes.

Speaking of zhong qiu jie, it is a legit holiday. Like taiwanese people go crazy for it. Unfortunately, our ward barbecue got cancelled today because of the typhoon, but yesterday at church sooo many members gave us moon cakes it was unreal. All kinds of different bean and meat and egg yolk cakes. So i think i know what we'll be eating for breakfast and lunch over the next couple days. This one lady also gave us this huuuge bag of bread. We couldn't tell if it was sourdough bread or just really old bread haha. But yeah zhong qiu jie is a big deal here.

I've realized that i really miss competitive running. Like maybe not the stress but I just miss the memories of track - the workouts, meets, friends, culture. Who know's, maybe i'll rededicate myself to running competitively when I get back. As of now, I'm lucky to get my companion to wake up and go out 3 times a week for 10 minutes.
Yeah sorry i really don't know what to say...we saw this white lady at Subway who asked "How are the twins doing tonight?" then snickered to herself on the way out haha...

In personal study i really like Moroni 10:8 this week. We all have our individual talents and we're all given the talents that we are given for the benefit of others. We need to realize what our talents are and try to use them for the betterment of others. However, we also need to realize others have their own talents and strengths and we can learn from everyone.

Anyways, I love you guys and it's so good to hear from you as always! Have a great week!

Elder Nelson


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