Monday, September 28, 2015

0/27/2015 Second Typhoon HItting Today!


Sooooo today is Typhoon day wahoooooo. Right now the wind is suuuuper strong but there's not much in the way of rain so its all good. Stuff's blowing everywhere though. I don't think the storm's supposed to hit taizhong super hard so im not incredibly worried.

haha Senorrrr looking at the old notes. Any good ones? What's the oldest one that you found?

As far as the bike, the one i have is good as of now. If it becomes a matter of safety, I will immediately get a new one, don't worry.

Temps have actually been relatively lower on this end as well. It's kinda sorta starting to feel like fall which is nice.

Wow rough week in sports..

Sounds like smeag, amy, and phil are all working super hard in their respective spheres. 

YOU'RE looking forward to conference? haha i'm so pumped its unreal. We're actually gonna be watching it a week later tho so don't spoil it for me. It takes a week for us to get the mandarin broadcast or something. We will be in one of the classrooms, however, watching it in English along with whoever else wants to watch in English. Heard about Elder Scott, he's been close for a while now. Crazy that 3 went all so close together.

Do you guys want to go on a mission someday senor?

Still hard to believe mitchell is back. Funny how time flies and slows down at the same time when someone goes on a mission.

Mommy sounds like you're staying busy with volunteering, family history, church callings etc. Make sure to relax every once and a while :)

The teaching is going okay.  To be honest, right now i don't think i'm the best teacher.

The language is definitely familiar, but there's a reason why everyone says chinese is so hard. I mean i can get around and people can roughly understand what im trying to say but I probably sound like a very uneducated person when i am talking.

Ahhhh so much goes on here in one week but then a week later i dont even know what happened and don't know what i should tell you guys. So if you have any specific questions or interests please tell me what you want to hear...

We've had a slightly less busy week this week as far as teaching lessons because of zhong qiu jie. Anna has her big English test this Sunday so that's what she's worrying about right now. We're hoping that afterward she will be able to not be as stressed out and will be able to keep progressing. We also have found a few new people that we have set up for this week so we'll see how that goes.

Speaking of zhong qiu jie, it is a legit holiday. Like taiwanese people go crazy for it. Unfortunately, our ward barbecue got cancelled today because of the typhoon, but yesterday at church sooo many members gave us moon cakes it was unreal. All kinds of different bean and meat and egg yolk cakes. So i think i know what we'll be eating for breakfast and lunch over the next couple days. This one lady also gave us this huuuge bag of bread. We couldn't tell if it was sourdough bread or just really old bread haha. But yeah zhong qiu jie is a big deal here.

I've realized that i really miss competitive running. Like maybe not the stress but I just miss the memories of track - the workouts, meets, friends, culture. Who know's, maybe i'll rededicate myself to running competitively when I get back. As of now, I'm lucky to get my companion to wake up and go out 3 times a week for 10 minutes.
Yeah sorry i really don't know what to say...we saw this white lady at Subway who asked "How are the twins doing tonight?" then snickered to herself on the way out haha...

In personal study i really like Moroni 10:8 this week. We all have our individual talents and we're all given the talents that we are given for the benefit of others. We need to realize what our talents are and try to use them for the betterment of others. However, we also need to realize others have their own talents and strengths and we can learn from everyone.

Anyways, I love you guys and it's so good to hear from you as always! Have a great week!

Elder Nelson


Monday, September 21, 2015

09/21/2015 Week of Ahong Qiu Jie Mid Autumn Festival


and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOMMY EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! 42nd anniversary of your 20th birthday wahoo!!!!!! I hope you had a good day! Sorry my present was so lame, but at least I was able to get something over there and it had chocolate in it haha. Hopefully smeagol hasn't peaked at his yet ;) Speaking of your salmon dinner, I tried to get a salmon dinner at this local place to try to give me a little reminder of Sunday dinner's back home but you couldn't even taste it through all of the seasoning they had on there. Oh well.

Ironically enough, I actually got the package you sent me on your birthday! haha so i was opening the package from you guys to celebrate your bday as well. And let me just say it was like Christmas! haha i was so happy. The pictures and notes are awesome. That pic from phil and mish with me and tinks is the cutest thing ever! I miss that little man. The frame is now sitting on my desk back in the apartment. Oh and the food was much appreciated as well :)

That's so crazy that mitchell is through with his mission. It seems like just yesterday he went in but it also felt like forever ago...the time warp on the mission is real.

Phillus bringin in the sales yes! Is he liking the job?

Hope Amy's talk went well..she's the epitome of charity so it shouldn't have been hard to come up with something to talk about.

Yeah i remember when they cut down psychology into half a year it became super obnoxious. Like tons of stuff to memorize and not sure if the teacher is the best. Luckily he's got a phD who can help him. Also lol at the oranges.

Pops you gotta go to the y more often!! Once every 2 months is not healthy! Although tbh you're probably in better shape than i am haha 30 minutes in the morning is not enough time to exercise.

The bike I have right now is okay enough. If it becomes a concern i'll be sure to get a new one I just don't want to have other people doing so much for me!

Ouch about the ironing board. You need to be carefullllllll

Ooooo Pearl of Great Price. N-space for sure.

My comp will be going home at the end of November. Buttt odds are is that at the end of this move call (in 3 weeks) he'll be moving areas. Then I'll have my second comp here for a movecall before i move somewhere else. That's just what people say happens most often.

Yeah it was super fun to see my MTC buddies! Also kinda weird though...i feel like the MTC was so long ago. Like I've already been in the field for longer than i was in the MTC if you can imagine that..

How are the flowers coming??

As far as what's going on on this end...hmmm i feel like it's so hard to know what to tell you guys. I have now officially made Pizza Friday's a thing here which has been great. If you get the hawaiian pizza it's decently american tasting. This week we also had interviews with the mission president, where we go to the stake center about 30 minutes away and they see how we're doing/if we have any particular needs or concerns. I really didn't have any, but he encouraged me to write down my mission visions, goals, and plans as well as for the rest of my life. Soo this last Sunday I was thinking about where I want to be when I get home from my mission, in the next few years after that. I think it's a good thing to do every so often, to evaluate how you want to improve etc. It helped clear my head at least.

So coming up here in Taiwan is this big holiday called zhong qiu jie ( Mid autumn festival ). Everyone holds "barbecues"  and eats these moon cakes and blows off fireworks. This last Saturday was the first barbecue of apparently many to come in the next week or so. I add quotations because it's not like an American barbecue. First, they cook so much meat I swear it's against the word of wisdom. Like plates and plates of sausages, chicken wings, chicken legs, pork, beef, shrimp, squid, these things called sweet not spicy, etc etc. And if you don't eat their meat they are not happy campers. There was also bread and drinks and lotsss of moon cakes. I swear I've never eaten so much meat in my life. At the end it didn't even taste good but we had to keep eating it. I'm still recovering now..I asked them how this compared to how much they celebrate at the chinese new year and they laughed, saying it was nowhere close...Can't wait lol

We're continuing to work with Anna and Kelly but they're not on the verge of getting baptized or anything. Still have a lot to learn. Butt this week we were also able to find a couple of really cool new guys, one of which we were able to set a baptismal goal for so that's awesome. The other guy is a Mavs fan though so there will need to be some correction there.

This week I was reading the story of the brother of Jared. One thing I noticed this time that I had not noticed before was that the brother of Jared did not see the finger of the Lord on the first stone. Rather, evidences of the Lord's finger confirmed his faith again and again until his faith grew into a perfect knowledge. I feel like it's similar in our lives. Sometime, the hand of the Lord may not be so apparent, or we don't understand why one thing or another is happening. But as we continue to exercise our faith, we will be able to see evidences of the Lord in our own lives until our faith can one day grow into a perfect knowledge.

Anyways, I love and miss you guys a ton and am so grateful for your prayers and support! I hope you have a great week!

Elder Nelson


Monday, September 14, 2015

09/14/2015 Week After First Baptism

                                                        Winnie First Baptism in Taiwan

                                                       Andrew in Taiwan Traffic

                                                       Fudge on Departure to Military


haha senor ill have to look up how d&c 93 is translated into Chinese. There are no conjugations in Chinese but it has its own difficulties to say the least. Sometimes it gets super discouraging with a lesson like Chinese, like i feel like ill never be fluent in it. If you don't say everything with the exactly correct tone they're like what are you trying to say to me? haha

The baptism was an awesome experience for sure, especially in a place like Taiwan where the baptisms are not as frequent as in some other places. Honestly I will be happy if that is the only person that i have the opportunity to baptize on my mission. Remember D&C 18..


Glad to hear phil is adjusting, as best as he can to the new job. Really hope it works out for them okay. Sounds like smeag's course load is actually hard, which i could have predicted. He can do it though, he's a stud. hahaha carrying Trip up the hill

Woahhh its like winter down there! 58 degrees...still summer on this end.

Sounds like patients are same old, same old...

haha im not gonna lie senor i laughed out loud picturing you trying to use a smartphone. I still cant believe you guys all have smart phones. It really is the last days.

Aunt Deann is too good to us! Im riding this old thing right now, but it is having a couple of problems so we'll see. Should i just go ahead and buy a new one? 

Did the Lin's give their talk in english or chinese? :)

Sounds like youre keeping busy mommy, VT'ing, volunteering at resale, yardwork. You're amazing!

Sounds like you guys will be having a few party days with captain haydo..

I can't believe Amy is a senior really it blows my mind..what's even crazier is that when i get back all of my friends will be seniors too

Ohhhhhh you guys started watching white collar? is it actually good? If i remember correctly you guys started it before and it was boring

Wow halloween with tinks last year seems so long ago. haha he was not a very happy camper in that costume last time.

The food is good. It's hilarious because i think in the past like 6 years of my life i've never stopped having 2 pb and js for lunch and it has continued on the mission. Not sure how much longer i'll be able to afford it though haha. Last Friday I was reminiscing on pizza fridays so i convinced my companion to go to this pizza joint and i ordered the most american pizza that they had. Ate an entire large pizza and nearly half of my companions. It's funny how it's the little things that you miss haha

Honestly im really lucky to have the companion that i do. I've seen some of the other missionaries in our zone and i know that Heavenly Father is directing this work..

The traffic is Taiwan traffic haha. I've almost been run over quite a few times. This week in particular it seemed like the cars were trying to take out the missionaries not exactly sure why

The people here are awesome. And there are A LOT of them. I thought there were a lot of people when I first got here but today college started and the university was PACKED. You canbarely maneuver down the night market now. haha I wish you guys could experience it for just a day..

Oh hey mommy i sent a package a while ago to make sure that it would get there in time for your bday coming up but not sure if you got it..Also you would laugh because every week this lady brings this super ugly flower and puts it at the front of the chapel off to the side. It reminded me of how shameful you thought the floral decorations were in our home ward.

Anna and Kelly continue to be super awesome. They're coming to church with us every week. The main problem with Anna is her being able to give up her previous buddhist beliefs. We're trying to help her see that the God that she previously believed in is the same God, we're just adding more truth to her understanding. She's also super stressed out with her english test coming up. Kelly's main problem is she has no time. She's essentially a single mom with her husband working in china, and she's working and taking care of her kid who's a handful. Buttt a lot of the mom's at church are fellowshipping her a ton and trying to help her out. She feels the spirit at church, now we just need to help her realize the importance of the Book of Mormon. 

Fudge ( the member who's in a screamo band here) is leaving for his required military service so that was sad. He helps us in lessons a lot and has been a big help. I think he was more sad about having to cut his hair though..

In personal study, 4 Nephi 1:15 really stuck out to me this week. It's when we are constantly striving to have that true love of God in our hearts that we are able become more like him because God is love. 

Speaking of love, I love you guys so much and am so thankful for your prayers and support! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Nelson


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9/9/2015 First Visit to Taipei Temple

Herroooooo Famiryyyyyyyy

Sorry i didn't get anything off on monday we were on a short time schedule but now i have another hour wahooooooo.

Yes we just got a huge influx of new missionaries. Since i'm in training, i am staying another 6 weeks here in fengjia, and will probably be here even another 6 weeks after that because apparently missionaries stay in their first areas here for about 3 movecalls.

haha im gonna make this bike last as long as possible. The brakes were pretty terrible, like i was pressing down all the way and my bike would only stop after holding down for a while so i switched them out but besides that the thing is okay enough. Will try to make it last..

BYU WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT BYUBYUBYUBYUBYUBUBYU of course they have this amazing game the year i'm not there. I hate to be a pessimist but taysom is very good. Feel super bad for the guy, wonder if he'll be drafted. Dang UT starting out the year on a good note  ..

THROWBACK to that duke game senor! man that was a good game..

Glad to hear smeags got some good teachers that can make or break a year

I'm SO happy about Phils job but it sounds like its gonna be tough balancing everything. I hope he can get into a routine while also maybe being able to hold some connections at 24.

Hows the Fam history coming mommy?

Sounds like you're continuing to kill it with the papers senor..what classes are you taching this semester?

Hmmmm the But its good. if that makes any sense. I swear if they would just give us one more hour in the morning to sleep..

WAAAAAA MOMMYYYYYYY what are you doing sending me a package??? You're too good to me :) ill be looking for it! and im looking forward to the pics!!! that is literally what i've wanted the most! hjaha

Sounds like amys going crazy busy.
Glad to hear emilio has some sort of protective thing now..

Lol mom youre always on one project or another..dont know how you do it

So good to hear from you guys! As far as this week.....I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM IN TAIWAN WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Her name is Winnie if you remember  it was pretty small, just family and close friends. When we actually did the baptism, i was super nervous because of, course, it had to be in chinese and i had heard horror stories of having to do it like 15 times butttt it all turned out okay and i only had to do it once. She forgot to plug her nose and almost slipped but she made it so we're all good haha. Afterwards she bore a simple powerful testimony of how she knew Heavenly Father existed and i was so happy :') Ill try to attach some pics later if time. My cameras kinda been acting funny recently..Oh yeah and hilarious because apparently normally after a baptism its a semi-tradition to get a nice dinner to celebrate but my comp forgot and we were tight on time so we went to a hi life,(kinda like a 7 11) got some frozen food and ramen noodles and had the most nasty post baptism dinner ever haha. 

This last week we were also able to go to our trainer follow up meeting which was super fun! I got to see all of my old MTC friends and stuff. It was so weird because we had been through so much together at the MTC but it also felt so distant seeing them again. Like we have all experienced so much just in the short time that we've been here on the island but it was still super good to see them.

In terms of who we're working with right now, we have 4 or 5 progressing investigators. I guess ill just highlight one this week. Her name is Anna and she's super awesome. Not sure if ive told you about her before. She has a baptismal goal set for the 10th of October. Recently she had a real problem with the Word of Wisdom. BUTT the next time we brought a couple members with us and they bore testimony of the Word of Wisdom and she said she'd be willing to try and keep it so she continues to progress. PLus she's like the nicest person ever. Just super kind. Also found quite a few ppl this last week so we'll see...

Oh, and then today, we got to go to the temple in tai pei! Such an awesome experience! It was still in english but it was just SO good to be able to go and ponder and pray for a few hours. You take off your shoes before you enter in, as part of Taiwanese culture. Oh and then, later, i was able to do some sealings (which id never done before) and we were doing them for some ancienct chinese emperors to their wives! Like the temple president was telling us that some of the names were from like 800 BC! It was just so good..I know i dont fully understand the temple and may never will in this life but i feel like it does give us some sort of intangible strength.

From personal study this week, i really liked 3 Nephi 13L21. Where your treasure is there will your heart be also...If we have the right priorities and the right goals then that's where we will put all of our time and efforts. Sometimes i think its good to ponder on what our "treasures" are.

Anyways, i love and miss you guys a ton. So grateful for all of your love and support. Have a great week!

Elder Nelson