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August 24, 2015


Woww sad day with the bros heading back up to Austin. Now Smeag is truly alone..and yeah the prices in austin are absolutely ridiculous. Funny to think last year i paid 400 a month for rent and food and that was pretty expensive for provo.

Sounds like you guys had fun with the Ridds. I think Lukas will soon realize what hes getting himself into. I miss byu..and sunday dinners. I almost bought some little fish sticks to eat on Sundays so that i would feel like i was partially there haha. And Wei Ren hasnt eaten pi dan??? Is he even asian???

5: 45 sounds absolutely brutal. My guess is every one is still gonna show up at 6:00...Im sure smeagol is SO EXCITEDDD

Sounds like the trip to Utah is crazy, tiring, exciting and fun all at the same time. So was the blessing done in Church this time? How was the Cannon Center food? Did smeag like Utah State/Byu? hahahaha amy told me about your guys' dinner at Denny's but i feel like its still one of those moments where you just have to be there..

I REALLY hope this thing works out for Phil. He works so hard and deserves for something to finally go his way! When will he know??

15 missionaries thats crazy - also crazy to think that Alex Woolums is done.

Every day im here i think i understand a little more about the culture and love the people a little more. It's harder than you think to try to ignore the numbers but im doing my best. And yes the Benson talk on pride is always a good read/reminder. Especially applicable in the mission field.

hahaha i will never understand your shopping mommy. I would much rather stay home and read a good book. 

Crazy to think you only have 2 yrs left with a high schooler mommy..just watch though, right when he graduates youll be called to be a seminary teacher haha You probably wont find that joke as funny as i did...

Fun that you guys get to have Amy around for a while. #Jealooussss

I think ill just leave my pants torn up..they'll manage.

How are y trips going? Going enough to make up for the monthly fee?

Glad to hear the bathroom worked out, how could it not with such a professional and experienced painter? :)

In terms of runs im lucky to get 2 short ones in a week. My companion has this strange habit where he likes to sleep through workout sure phil is probably very familiar.

In terms of whats going on, on this side of the world...Well first off this week will be a little out of the orinary. We have a 2nd pday this friday (which is when i will be able to email) but then the following monday we wont have a pday. I think it has something to do with the 35 new missionaries who are coming in, which apparently is a Blickenstaff record or something. So ,yeah, i will be writing this friday as well..

Besides that, last Monday we spent our Pday going to Costco and it was GLORIOUS. I got normal bread and milk, peanut butter, carrots, honey bunches of oats, bagels. I will be having some very delicious breakfasts and lunches for the next couple of months. I think it will also end up saving me money in the long run..It was hilarious, though, because we had this huge box of stuff that we were carrying on the bus then tried to finagle with bungee cords and such to the back of our bikes. We eventually got all of the goods back to the house with the help of a member and a couple of trips later. SO WORTH IT, THO. I dont think ill ever stop eating 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch..

I know I probably sound like a baby but the hardest thing for me right now is the sleep. I haven't been sleeping well recently and at times it feels like im sleep walking as we go throughout the day. It was really bad at first then it got better and now its bad again. Maybe this is just how every missionary is supposed to feel, but I feel like its really hindering my ability to give my 100%. Hopefully it will get better or something.

One of my teachers from the MTC, Xie Laoshi came to Taiwan this week to see old friends and stuff and he stopped by on Saturday morning so that was cool! He introduced me to a couple of his friends in the area and it was just super good to talk to him. It feels like the MTC was a millennium ago. Also you know he knows me because he brought 2 humongous things of crunchy skippy peanut butter. If theres one thing that you can never have enough of in Taiwan, its American peanut butter haha 

Winnie's baptism is still on for this Saturday after she passed her baptismal interview this last Saturday!!! She's super solid and we'll probably try to meet with her every day this week leading up to her baptism. She has some thing though where she gets really  nervous around a lot of people so she doesn't want a lot of people there but its kind of hard because the ward wants to welcome her and stuff.

Teaching Anna has turned out to be a really interesting experience. She really believes in her Buddhist backgrounds but she keeps telling us that what she believes really is no different than what we believe. Like when we talked about the 10 commandments and there's only one God, she was like "well what about Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost?" And we're like thats a really good question. Idk i feel like i dont fully understand what Buddhism is because she was talking about how there are a lot of Gods but you just kinda choose one that you align yourself more fully with? She told us that she believes God sent us because she had run into missionaries before but had blown them off. She has a testimony of prayer and God and  on Sunday after church we watched the Finding Faith in Jesus Christ video with her. The spirit was really strong as we talked about the Savior. I hope she felt it too..

Just one last story that I have to tell because it was one of those "you know you're in Taiwan when" moments. We had an activity this sunday where we were making dumplings with all of the single adults. so we were all in this living room which is pretty small ,because we're in Taiwan, wrapping dumplings. They don't have AC so its super hot, so we're all sweating profusely, chowing down on these dripping dumplings and tofu and stuff. Then they request my companion to play "Oh come all ye faithful."  So here we are, belting oh come all ye faithful in Chinese in the middle of summer, shoveling down some dumplings in between breaths. I couldn't help but laugh a little to myself. 

In personal study this week i really liked D&C 50:10-12. I feel like it really explains what true prayer ought to be like. If we are really communicating with our Father in Heaven we will be reasoning with Him, allowing Him time to talk back and guide us.

Anyways, the work moves on here in Taiwan. I am so grateful for all of your love and support and love and miss you guys a ton!

Elder Nelson

Ni (My chinese surname) Zhanglao (Elder)

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