Friday, August 28, 2015

August 28, 2015 Two P-Days in One Week

Soooo yeah im not exactly sure why either but today is pday and here i am in the famous internet cafe. We were actually really low on missionaries before this big wave of 35 came in, so, i think now we're back up to around 200 missionaries, maybe a little less.

 YESYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYEYSYESSSSS!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY ABOUT PHIL'S JOB!!!!!!!!!!! That's so awesome!!!!!!!!!! Im guessing he's completely ditching the 24 gig right? And still trying to get the training certifications on the side? That's so great!! I've been praying so hard that something like this would come through!

Yeah the sleep is really rough. Like I wouldn't care as much if i didn't think it was hindering my ability to be a better missionary, ya know?

Smeag's got a pretty tough schedule, but seems like he has good teachers so sounds like a perfect combo to me. Cant believe he's already at the dreaded junior year. Although i thought sophomore year was harder tbh...

Yes,  i now have a lock on my bike although i dont think anyone would steal this one...

How's the practicum been so far, senor? Are the students adjusting to your different method?

Thats gotta be fun having the hamster over, although, not a cool move going to melanie' she gets to see some of her old friends, though.

You must explain more about stephen hawking's new solution!

So Amy told me she got a smartphone what??!?!!!?!?! Do you guys also have them???? If this is true, the world truly is coming to an end..

You know, it really is a whole different experience just trying to help people understand the concept of who God is and how the Plan of Salvation really works. There are a lot of similarites with other religions but there are also a lot of differences. Like you said about your hindu friend, its more a matter of helping them see that Jesus is not just some other God. Quite a unique experience, to say the least.

Wait what's wrong with Uncle Emilio? is he ok?

That sounds fun with the grandparents and Janny! Jealousss, also that's sweet, did Smeag pick an american flag for his colors? USA

Speaking of my laptop, how are you liking it mommy? :)

Let's see what happened over the past few days of worth mentioning...well, first, I got the MOST AMAZING PACKAGE EVER FROM AUNT DEANN OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS FILLED WITH TREATS AND GOODIES AND EVERYTHING AMAZING AND A SUPER AWESOME COOL FLAG OF THE ROCKETS FROM SMEAG AND IT JUST MADE ME SO HAPPYYYYYYYYY Okay, sorry, ill try to calm down but im seriously so blessed!! You guys are too good to me!! The package literally made my month! 

Hmmm, lets see, besides our progressing investigators, we were also able to meet a couple of cool new people this week. The first is named Kelly. We added her from English class. She's a single mom who works every day all day and literally has like no time. Her only free time she uses to come to English class. She said she really just needs some help right now and is looking for some inner source of peace and optimism to continue to face her trials. I feel so bad for her, but know that this gospel will be able to help her!

We also met this guy named Lai Xiansheng. Hes super cool. Hes a little younger than us and his parents own this huge art gallery on the side of the highway. He kind of has this philosophy where he believes in some kind of higher power, and is actually pretty familiar with the Bible and prayer which is unusual in Taiwan. He seems to really have an interest in learning about our church though, so that's super awesome!

Tomorrow we are having winnie's baptism! I think i may have the opportunity to do it too! She's come a long way from when we first started meeting with her so it's super cool. It was like all of a sudden something just clicked with her and she told us that she believed that God existed and was answering her prayers and wanted to get baptized. She also has made a couple really good friends in the ward so we're really happy!

You know every week i have to make some comment about the food and this week it was truly a beautiful thing. We were treated to this superrrr gaoji chidaobao. Basically it was an all you can eat buffet on the bottom of this super fancy hotel and man did i eat. They had pastas and meats and rice and pizza and vegetables and fruits and breads and desserts and drinks and i went HARD. Like i think i literally ate 8 full plates of food. It was sooooo good. They had a 2 hr limit though unfortunately..haha

Ohhh and then last night was the weirdest of all. Remember when we went and did that dan jones activity where when we just get to Taiwan we stand up on those pedastals and preach and then go hand out book of Mormons in a super crowded night market? well. Last night when all of the new missionaries came in we got to be the ones that helped them hand out the Book of Mormons ( last time we had an older missionary with us leading us and thats who i was this time). So here i was 6 weeks later, and the tables had turned. It was so weird because it feels like it was yesterday but also an eternity ago at the same time. And i remember exactly how i felt when i did it. My guy was actually super brave and was going up to a lot of different people bearing his simple testimony. And i could understand everything everyone was saying and it was just like a major throwback..

This week in personal study i came across one of my favorite scriptures - Helaman 4:13. It says something along the lines of they boasted in their own strength so they were left in their own strength. Life is hard, and there are times when we literally can't do it alone. If we are humble enough to remember all of the things that God has given us and continue to turn to Him in times of good and bad, we will be blessed and be able to face anything that comes our way.

I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Elder Nelson


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