Friday, August 28, 2015

8/17/2015 Family in Utah for Kendall's Blessing


So you may not see this email for a couple days i guess since you're on your famous road trip to Utah. Not gonna lie,  super jealous. Get a lot of hugs from tinks and kendall for me. And pictures!

Senor sounds like youve had a crazy week. Worth it? Was the training cool? And you're writing a chapter in a textbook? #famous

The companion is good.
The food is goood and greasy haha. You'dbe surprised how much i miss boiled vegetables. Buttt today an awesome member is taking us to costco so im gonna stock up on some true American groceries LETS GOOOOO

The humidity is no worse than Texas tbh.

The language is tough but coming.

The neon lights are starting to become normal to me.

And i still try to avoid the squat toilets at all costs.

So on this end it was quite an interesting week. Probably the biggest thing that happened this week was that my bike was stolen. Yeahh...hopefully you're not freaking out at this point. Basically what happened was like a few days ago i lost my bike lock. I asked my comp if we should go get a new one but he was like "nahhh dont worry about it,  you'll be fine." Fast forward two days when we have two back to back appointments at a Starbucks (we found we like /starbucks better than mcdonalds because it's more quiet). When we come out, the bike is gone. We call the police who say they'll look into it. They gave us a ride back to our apartment ( i can only imagine what it looked like with two white guys in the backseat of this cop car lol) where we had a spare bike. Soo im now using this ooooold bike from a previous missionary which clanks any time you use a gear higher than 1 and goes about 2 miles per hour. It has also ripped up two of my pants. BUT the good news is that we were still able to make it to the rest of our appointments AND an elder who is going home this week said he'd give me his bike! So if the cops dont end up finding it i'll have a 2 year old bike instead of a 6 year old bike wahoo!!! Oh yeah and the spare helmet is the most hilarious helmet, makes me look like a straight up turtle lol.

Besides that, I tried pi dan this week ( Renny should know about this). Some people call it the thousand year egg or something. Its one of the notorious nasty things in taiwan that every missionary apparently has to trie. It looked super nasty, black and everything, but eating it actually wasn't that bad. It just tasted like a slightly worse version of a boiled egg. Next on the list is chou dou fu..

To make up for that nastiness, I might have had the most delicious meal ever here at a member's house. The lady had lived in canada for like 4 years so her english is really good and she learned a lot of the american ways of cooking if you know what i mean. Suffice it to say we had ribs, pasta, kiwi, these japanese rice things, and this delicious yogurt. DID I MENTION WE ATE RIBSSSSSS. They were super delicious.

Things are going well on this end in terms of teaching. Right now we're teaching this incredibly prepared girl named Winnie. She had been coming to our FHE activity every Sunday night for a while and she has a lot of friends in the church. She told us she really has a testimony of prayer. WE have a baptismal date set up for her on August the 29th and she's super excited for it. Like when we brought up baptism with her she was like When's the soonest i can get baptised? She has no problems with any of the commandments. We just want to make sure that she wants to join the church for the right reasons and not because she has a friend in the ward.

Our other 2 investigators that are progressing are awesome. One is chen xiaojie, who i have mentioned before. Last time we read Alma 7 with her about Jesus Christ and she told us that she thought that the Book of Mormon was more or less the same as the bible and we were like YES! Shes gonna be in China for like 10 days, though, so wasn't able to make it to church this week...

The other is Anna who is super cool. She's studying English so that's a big reason she likes meeting with us, but she's also just a genuine seeker of truth. Like we gave her the restoration pamphlet to look over and the next time she had come back with like 10 questions about prophets, the holy ghost, etc. She has almost no background in Christianity, so its been a cool experience to help her build up this foundation from the beginning. She came to church with us this sunday and seemed to like it too!

For my scripture of the week I think i want to talk about Alma 37:40-41, 45-46.  I truly believe that it is through small and simple means that great things are brought to pass. ie saying your prayers, reading your scriptures, going to church. If we do these small things, we will be able to have the spirit with us more and we will be able to stay on the straight and narrow. More so than that, though, i think this scripture applies to life. It's the people who do the small things that truly become successful. It's how good people become great.

Anyways I love and miss you guys a ton! dont have too much fun in utah without me!

Elder Nelson 


Pi Dan - 1000 Year Egg

                                          American/Chinese Dinner at Member's Home

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