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8/10/2015 The Typhoon Week


                                  Shattered Patio Door from Typhoon

City After Typhoon
 Debris Cleared Within Hours

Ice Fruit Bowl Game -   When You Loose, You Eat or Drink Something  from Bowl 

Herooooooo Familyyyyy

Soooo i havent gotten mommy's email this week yet but I did get a dear elder this week from her!!! So she gets a special shoutout and response. :) First off, i loved the quotte by president hinckley. I have started a quote journal and that one has now made it in. Also sounds like you had an awesome experience at the temple! I wish we could go to the temple more often. Riley aguilar was at church?? Thats so crazy, i havent seen him in forever.  I still cant believe smeag has his license AND contacts. Things have already changed so much haha.. Im jealous you guys get to go see the grandparents so often. How are they? Garrett Harveys back whattttttttt it also seems like he's been gone forever..Hows the family history coming? They actually encourage us to use that in missionary work. I have purchased rain gear for less than 20 dollars and it works really well. Unfortunately though sometimes it gets hot and you start sweating underneath so its a matter of deciding weather you want to be rain wet or sweat wet haha. Also mommy i must say, Taiwanese food is good but i miss some good american home cooking from my mom!

Sounds like your class turned out like most senor, someone begging for a better grade haha...Sounds like your schedule is superrr busy senor.  You'll have to let me know how that neurotherapy training goes. Was it weird having the missionaries over? only now do i realize how happy the missionaries are when members invite them over for dinner? Cant believe amy went to the grand canyon, doesnt even seem real..You went to graduation?? Who paid you to do that? Sounds like you had some of your students there though which must have been fun. 

In terms of whats been happening on this end...So yeah we got hit by a typhoon. We're on the tenth floor of an apartment building, which i thinkk makes the wind worse but not entirely sure. Basically thursday night the wind started and it was SUPER strong and SUPER loud. like rattling all of the windows and stuff. Then at 5 30 in the morning the wind straight up broke our sliding door. Like the glass shattered everywhere so we had this big gaping hole in the wall haha. The next day, it didnt start out too bad so we were out pedalling around, trying to make calls and talk to ppl (everyone we had set up cancelled on us). Thennn the wind and rain got pretty bad so we were all ordered to return to our apartments around 6 pm. There were like signs and pieces of metal flying around so it was probably a good idea to finally head back. Our church also lost a wall so that was interesting. Tons of branches everywhere, but things got picked up realllly fast. I dont know if it was the community or what but a couple hours later the streets were cleared. Apparently it was the biggest typhoon that a lot of the missionaries here have ever seen on their missions.

Besides that, on Tueday we went on exchanges where we switch companions for 24 hours. That was an interesting change. Their chapel is like the biggest one in Taiwan apparently, like 3 stories so everyone sees it. We gave a tour of the church which was a cool experience then met with this member who kept talking about how important his calling is. Hes in charge of building maintenence and was talking about how he was going to spread his fame to all of the buildings and temples in Taiwan. We were like k cool thanks man.

On Wednesday, we kinda had 2 miracles. One, this guys who hadnt showed up at an earlier appointment called us up and said he could meet with us at mcdonalds then told us hed come with us to church. Then while we were there this other guys just came up to us and was like i want to come to your church. We were like...what is happening???

I had to use my first squat toilet this week..turns out im not a big fan.

Also this week i think Satan is trying his hardest to tempt me or something..Imagine Dragons came on at like 5 different places. Made me realize that i miss normal music, not that efy music isnt great..

We met this awesome less active girl named Miki this week. We kinda just got to know her, each shared our favorite scriptures and invited her to come to church with us this week. And she came for all three hours! Shes super nice and definitely has a testimony, just needed a little pushing from us missionaries I think.

I had a cool spiritual experience this week. I was just sitting there pondering about God during personal study, and I just had this overwhelming feeling that God exists and loves all of his children. It was really hard to explain, especially if one hasn't heard about the Holy Ghost but i was just overcome with this feeling/impression that God is real and all powerful and loves every personthat has ever lived. Kinda hard to explain, i dont think my words did the situation justice..

The language is hard, but i finished phase 1 this last week and now am working on more normal language vocab.

We have 3 main progressing investigators right now. I think i already told you guys about them. I think the thing with all of them will be obtaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Because that is literally the center of everything. If they can read the Book of Mormon, and receive a testimony of the spirit they will know everything else that we share with them is true. The problem is just getting these incredibly busy taiwanese people some time to read and pray and come to church!

As far as something i wanted to share with you guys that I learned in personal study this week: Alma 26:35-37. This is when Ammon just got back from his mission and his boasting about his God. I love it because it talks about how God is aware of all his children, even those who are wanderers in strange lands. Kinda reminds me of how i feel right now, a wanderer in a strange land. It gives me comfort that God loves and is aware of all of His children no matter where they are.

Last thing - this week i am appreciative of my awesome parents! 2 days ago was Chinese father's day (8/8 is pronounced ba ba which is also the day for father). I couldnt help but think about how lucky i am to have the best dad in the world! And of course he couldn't have done it without the help of my awesome mom. I love you guys!

So good to hear from you guys, love and miss you every day! Have a great Week!

Elder Nelson


  More Food in Taiwan 

                                             Scooters at Stop Sign

Kitty Posters on the Street

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