Monday, August 3, 2015

08/03/15 First Drenching in the Rain!

                                          Taichung West Zone Conference with Costco

Wellll another week is gone on that missionary grind. I blinked and it was gone. Time truly is a strange thing as a missionary.

I currently have not received a dear elder so im not exactly sure how all of that works. Sad i didnt get to hear from mommy last week :(

Sounds like you guys have an exciting week coming up!  What are the odds that you get that study going up at SHSU? And why cant it be funded?

The language is tough but is getting better. Right now im working on church vocabulary to pass off that thing that we have to pass off before i can start moving toward the other stuff like everyday vocabulary conversation as well as learning characters. Its frustrating for sure, but God must know i need patience or something haha. 

Sounds like things are still weird with phil and with 24...i pray so hard every night that he'll be able to figure out what he needs to do


Man sounds like things are hotter down there than it is here. Ppl really talked it up. I mean its hot here but texas was just as if not more brutal i believe.

Sounds like mom and smeag are staying busy with volunteering thats sweet. Whats it like? Im also jealous you guys get to see the gparents so often...having a celebrateion for gpas bday?

 lol idk who to trust about the new 59 pinepath pl construction business.

Pleaseee keep me updated on everything its so good to hear you guys emails every week.

Btw how much money is in my checking acct rn? 

As far as my end of the stick this week...ummm well for pday last week we played cards and did this icebowl challenge. It was this humongous bowl filled with ice and fruit and this nasty Taiwanese brown sugar type stuff that didnt taste like brown sugar and a bunch of different types of Asian beans, It started out okay but the bottom was seriously disgusting. It took a couple hrs and 8 people to finally finish it, and i am confident in saying that i will never do such a thing again. Probably.

Every Tuesday we advertise for our free English class and this class we advertised once again. However, this time the weather decided it would be a good idea to start pouring. Of course this happened on the one day that i forgot my rain gear so i got absolutely drenched. Somehow my bag came through in the clutch though and all of my bags and camera were salvaged. We went and got hot pot afterward for dinner and this super nice man came up and straight up gave me a rain jacket so i would be dry the rest of the night. Its crazy how nice some people are in Taiwan here.

We had another weird experience on Wednesday. We were buying some food off the side of the road when this guy came up to us and started talking to us in perfect, american english. He asked us which bible we read and we told him the KJV and he was surprised because he thought we were way different than like every other  Christian religion. When we told him that we also believed the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, he encouraged us to continue to read the Bible to make sure that it did not contradict the Book of Mormon or vice versa. He then gave us each 1000 kuai saying that the spirit prompted him to do so, and left with a blessing and encouragement to study the Bible more. Super nice and super weird at the same time.

We found this place where you can get a meal as well as unlimited soup and peanut butter for 4 bucks which was awesome.

This thursday we also had zone conference, where the mission president, his wife and the assistants all come and teach us on what we need to do better. The best part was the costco pizza for lunch ( we only got three pieces so i made sure to pick the largest ones available), And yes they do have costco here.

Saturday our ward had a mini mission activity where the youth got to serve a day in the life of a missionary with us. They did studies with us and then went and made calls and contacted with us for a few hours after which we had a fireside to discuss how the ward can help us in our missionary efforts. I swear im not fixated on food but it might have been the strangest day of food ive eaten in Taiwan. For BREAKFAST we had McDonalds chicken sandwiches and hot chocolate (why in 100 degree weather i have no idea). Then for lunch we had pizza hut with quite a few of Taiwans unique flavors (corn, japanese or korean cabbage etc) I myself stuck to the hawaiian as that was the most American. I straight up ate a whole medium pizza, thats how much i miss American food i guess haha. For dinner we had potluck, among which was pig's foot. Pigs foot tasted just like bone surrounded in fat haha,

We finished off the week on Suday with every single one of our 5 appointments cancelling on us or not showing up. Not frustrating at all.

Right now we have 2 main investigators that are progressing. One is this college student who has really good english because he lived in Seattle for a summer and is studying toursim. He's super cool and super interested in learning, it's just a matter of helping him develop his own personal testimony about the things that we've taught him.

The second is a Christian lady who believes that it's God's schedule that we started meeting with her because she recently has had some more struggles in her life. She has a testimony of Jesus, now she just needs to start gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it can help her. the hard part is like everyone in Taiwan, no one has like any time to meet because theyre all so busy with work and stuff.

Now for something i learned in scripture study this week : Matthew 25:34-40. We are literally the Saviors's hands! It is through us that He is able to help His children, to comfort them and lift them up. I took special interest in this scripture when it talked about freeing souls from prison as I feel like that is part of my responsibility as a missionary - trying to help people come unto Christ. 

As far as a few random things...1) everyone here wears masks bc of the pollution

2)our apartment is fingerprint access only

3)ppl here are the opposite of America - they want to be white instead of tan so they wear jackets in 100 degree weaher

Anyways not a ton of time but i love and miss you guys like crazy! Thank you so much for all of the love and support!!

Elder Nelson 


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