Friday, July 3, 2015

Week 6 - Father's Day Week

First off, happy father's day!!!! Did you get my card pops?? Sounds like the party was a smashing success, mom must have been slaving away in the kitchen for hours. What i would give for real steak and shrimp dinneer...This Sunday we had some microwaved steak and fried jumbo shrimp out of a bag. So I guess you could say we had the same thing for dinner.


I miss the Texas rains. I have a feeling like the Taiwan rains will be similar. Right now here it's just like super dry and like 1000 degrees every day. God's probably just trying to prep me for Taiwan.


So the way they do visa stuff here is kinda weird. They don't tell you whether it's gone through until like the day before, which is super stressful. They say no news is good news. If i'm on track though, I should have my travel plans not this Friday but the following Friday so keep your fingers crossed.


That's so crazy that mom's gonna be here too. Everyone's so close but so far away at the same time!


Senor sounds like things are going well as far as getting some things into publication! I actually thought the breast cancer fatigue neurotherapy one was really interesting. I wish  I knew how the neurotherapy worked haha. Didn't you say you had some other data sitting around that you were wanting to get typed up as well?


haha sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying this psychopharm class.


Lol i dont think mom will ever stop painting some part of the house. Everytime i come back from something a new part of the house is painted. I'm sure it looks great as always though. Any other projects on the to do list?


The language is coming along. We're most proficient in gospel terms but can speak a little otherwise. I think whenever we leave it will be a brutal adjustment in Taiwan. I'd rather just leave now and get thrown into it though and have to sink or swim! This place is great and all, but there's just something about sitting in a class and studying all day that's not that appealing anymore.


All of the new missionaries are adjusting really well. I've gotten to know Reed better since being here.


Wahoooo I love IRS refunds.


So smeag's living the sleep in and ACT life this summer? Is he pumped about EFY?


Pops you're so old! Medicare? Isn't that for people like 65 and older? Oh wait! haha jk..but seriously, you're ancient.


Sounds like Exodus was a great time. I can see it now - mom on the green couch passed out, and dad with his head whipped back on his "throne" snoring so loud you can barely hear the movie, with smeagol sitting on the ground attentively watching haha. Good times.


Wait TIMMY GOT BAPTIZED???!?!? Isn't he like 3 years old still??? He can't be baptized yet!!! That's unreal..he'll be like a 4th grader when i get back.


My companion is fine, we get along pretty well. 


We've set up a mini basketball hoop in our room with a backboard made out of cardboard. It's actually pretty difficult to make.


So Tuesday's devotional speaker was David F Evans, of the first quorum of the seventy. Both he and his wife spoke. She talked about how we need astonishing missionaries. She went on to explain that that meant going the extra mile, following up, lending a hand of need, truly caring about others and their well-being, etc. He talked about perhaps the two most talked about subjects at the MTC - work and obedience. He talked about how the difference between a good and a great missionary is work. He shared the story of the world champion swimmer who when asked how he/she reached this point they responded with something like, " It's simple really, I stroked when I didn't want to stroke. I kicked when I didn't want to kick" I think that's a really applicable story not just on a mission but in life in general. The way that people truly become great and separate themselves is through putting in the work when no one else wants to. I've always been a firm believer in that. It reminds me of a quote that coach ham would always use from the incredibles - "If everyone were super, no one would be." As far as obedience, he actually had a few cool points that i hadn't really thought about before. He said that obedience to the Father is how Jesus Christ performed the atonement and it is by us making the same decision that we become more like Him. Just some food for thought i guess.


Oh funny story I was talking to this elder who was going spanish speaking, so I tried to start to speak to him in spanish because I thought it would be fun. And without even thinking, I just started talking in chinese instead! I think the mandarin is taking over! I still try to read Jesus el Cristo every Sunday, but I think the chinese is starting to win haha.


We had the opportunity to give a sister here a priesthood blessing, which was new for me as I just haven''t really had that opportunity that mcuh. It was really cool though, the Spirit was very strong.


We've been helping the new Elders get their language study plans figured out, as everyone's just trying to stay above water when they first get here. Since we're the older district, we also get a chance to go in and teach the other younger districts about different topics. However, there's a district here that's full of just native speakers, and they're super awesome and funny! We were asked to go into their class and do a demonstration of how to teach the third lesson in front of them. It was super intimidating at first but it was super confidence- boosting because they could understand and were saying we did a great job. Plus i could understand their chinese! They've only been here 12 days and leave tommorow..I'm not jealous at all.


The Sunday devotional was given by the Littlefields, who have some big missionary calling. Sister Littlefield talked about how all weaknesses are divinely appointed. We suffer so that we can succor those who need it, just as our Savior did.  Brother Littlefield was talking about how we need to focus on all aspects of our purpose. He shared a quote by pres eyering, which said something like " A realistic view of our limitations creates a humility which leads to a dependence on the spirit which leads to power." The good thing is chinese is a very good humbling agent haha. He also talked about how the scriptures say that the field is white, already to harvest, not brown already to plant seeds. He said that we shouldn't listen to a particular mission's reputation and above all DONT SETTLE. Just believe, have faith, and the work will be blessed.


An Elder that ive become really close with up here left this morning for Hong Kong. He was a true bro. We all sang the traditional God Be with you till we meet again. It was sad to see him go and crazy to think that'll be me in 3 weeks! I can't wait!


I also just thought that since im a missionary i should start sharing something with you guys that I learn from my scripture study every week. Soo here goes haha. This week is in 2 Nephi 10:23-24. What i got from this scripture is that when things are going poorly, no matter how poorly they're going, we can always make the decision, right then, to have a good attitude, to be better, to work harder . Staying down doesn't help, but rather if we turn to Jesus Christ and His Atonement for strength we can turn things around!


Running out of time, but just wanted to saythat I love and miss you all a ton! Thank you for all of the notes and encouragement!


Elder Nelson


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