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7/27/2015 Moved into First Apt.


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Taichung from Apartment View


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Hello Family!!!!

Well another week is in the books. This week was a lot better than last week for sure. Im pretty much over my sickness and have adjusted to the timing of everything. 

Senor the story you shared about your mission and the analogy about the race were awesome. Seriously just what I needed to hear. I just gotta keep trying my hardest and put one step in front of the other, giving it my all every day. This week I was getting pretty nostalgic thinking about the fam and stuff that I would miss out on but then I just decided (again) to give it my all while Im here. This is an experience that only comes once and I really want to do my best.

Sounds like you guys are all a bit sick I hope everyone recovers relatively quickly! haha senor your discription of the scooters is much more accurate, no motorized skateboards.

Yup the Kongs are right, we're right by a university. We actually teach a lot of students in the area. Not sure if we're technically allowed to proselyte on campus or not though so we don't really.

So happy about Phil! Hope everything continues to work out for him!

I do live in a high rise, and luckily the AC cools the room that we sleep in. Im desperately trying to make the peanut butter last as it is very gui (expensive) here, like twice as much for a quarter of the amount. Actually hilarious because a family had us over for dinner this week and we ate peanut butter sandwhiches, mango and drank this tea (dont worry its mormon tea) and it was quite delicious. Speaking of which all of the members are awesome and treat us a lot.

Ummmm so as far as some tidbits for the week - Right now im working on finishing this thing called phase 1 (not sure if i already told you about it) which is basically just PMG in chinese. We have to pass it off with our Zone Leaders so thats kinda stressful but after i finish that i can start working on more normal vocabulary as well.

Workouts have been a hard adjustment as we only have 30 minutes but im doing my best to not get too fat haha. One of the problems is its rude to reject food even if its unhealthy and the cheaper the food the worse it is for you generally. Also hard to get a lot of veggies.

A lot of people here have seen the missionaries before so thats cool. A good reminder to always be a good representative of Jesus Christ.

Sooooo many people here smoke. Definitely going to get cancer from all of the second hand smoking. Gives me a stomach ache sometimes.

Everyweek on wednesday we teach english for our service. Its actually really cool, because a lot of people come since its free. We're in the advanced class so we only speak English and its a great opportunity to meet people who might want to hear about the gospel. Every class ends with a 20 minute spiritual thought.

Oh also no one drinks cold water with their meals here because they think its bad for you. They just finish everything off with warm soup. The urge for a cold glass of water to wash everything down is unreal haha.

All of the garbage trucks here play the fur elise.

We have a lot of lessons here at the mcdonalds because the people's apartments are too small and we need a public place to meet. The mickey D's here are actually pretty nice tho and have multiple floors haha.

Oh yeah i also forgot to tell you my first meal in Taiwan was a mimic american diner burger. Lets just say that it did not taste like an american burger haha.

The coordination meetings here are a little different than in the US i think. They just rush them as fast as possible. Like theyre just like "okay what lessons do you need a member to attend? ok good closing prayer time" Members are seriously critical in missionary work so I hope you guys are helpin out ;)

The weather here really is pretty similar to Texas. Im just more sweaty because im always biking around in church clothes.

Oh mom how much were those frog toggs? I got full rain gear here (top, bottom, shoe covers) for less than 20 american dollars. although to be honest I really havent needed them so far...

I wish i could tell you guys everything but just so much happens. We have an investigator with a baptismal date set for the 8th of August, so pray that she can hang on strong. Shes our age and super cool and has a twin sister, who has also expressed an interest to learn. 

Ill just tell you about two more of our investigators to try to give you a picture of what Taiwans like. One is this bro that we met at a burger place. We were just waiting for a lesson and i saw him looking over so i went over to talk to him and he was a total bro. Super interested in what we were doing as missionaries and asked us a lot of questions. We set him up for the following week, and since then have taught him the first discussion and set him up for this week. It just goes to show the power of talking to people. We seriously try to talk to EVERYONE. Every stoplight we're trying to get numbers and handing out tracks.

This other guy is a father of two and likes to learn about our stuff but says he literally just has no time to pray for 2 minutes a day or to read the scriptures for a minute each night. Its super frustrating but this is kinda what Taiwan is like. People work so hard here its amazing. Like even high schoolers have no free time.

So as far as something that I learned from the scriptures this week would probably have to be in Mosiah 24:14-15. It talks about Alma and the people of Helam. They had been righteous and kept God's commandments but the Lord still chose to have them experience some afflictions. He knew that this is what would help them the most. Moreover, it says that the Lord "did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the lord." I know that as we remember the lord and that all of these experiences are part of his plan for us we will be able to obtain the strength we need to overcome our trials.

Anyways i miss and love you guys a ton! Your prayers and support give me strength to press on!

Elder Nelson


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