Tuesday, July 14, 2015

7/13/15 On Way to Taiwan Tomorrow

                                          Last District Photo at MTC

Dear fam,

So i dont know if you saw the subject of this email buttt THIS IS MY LAST FULL DAY FOR 2 YEARS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Im so pumped its unreal!! Im finally gonna be able to be in 1000 degree weather with 1000 percent humidity and delicious food and typhoons and monsoons and I JUST CANT WAIT!!! Im gonna be able to call tomorrow from the airport! They sell calling cards at the MTC bookstore for 5 bucks. I should be calling sometime between like 7:30 and 11:30. I wont have a ton of time but i hope i can talk to you guys for a few minutes as well as phil and amy if theyre free ( dont know how realistic that will be).

That's sad about sister Lin's father. Is he going to be okay?

Oh yeah btw if you saw a 400$ withdrawl from my bank account that was actually me so dont worry.

Sounds like smeagol had the time of his life at efy thats awesome. Makes me think about what i was maybe missing out on all of those years. Is Sister Hulet and everyone okay??

Sounds like mom is at it again, throwing parties for everyone haha. She never ceases to amaze me.

How is it having renny over? party every night?

Hows class senor?

So the trip to Utah is becoming pretty real huh? That will be awesome to see the kids. Is she gonna be blessed in sacrament meeting or at their apartment again?

Hamster hamster hamster...

Lol dont worry about giving me tidbits senor, hearing from you guys is awesome enough.

I got the sheets from annie - that was so thoughtful!

So the longs are finally heading out huh...is jacob planning on serving a mission?

Sounds like temple laundary and skyping the grandkids was fun - you guys never have free time do you..enjoy the bday party as well and send my love to Grandma on the 60th aniversary of her 27th bday!

Sooo in terms of what happened on this end this week its hard to know what to say. When I first got to the MTC I felt like i was never gonna get out of here. Then I blinked, and ive been on my mission for over 2 months..It's just unreal. We have to be at the travel office tomorrow morning at 6 30 am. Our flight leaves tomorrow morning at like 11 or 12 for Tokyo (like a 15 hr flight apparently) then a 2 hr layover in Tokyo followed by another 3 hr flight to Taiwan. We then have a 3 hr bus drive from taiyung to taizhong where we crash for like 5 hrs (or try to) then wake up and go time our miles the next day (thursday). The flight to Tokyo is Delta 623 and to Taiwan Delta 473.

Every week here now we have the opportunity to skype members in Taiwan, get to know them and share a short message with them which is super cool. Last weeks was particularly powerful. The sister that we skyped just had such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith as a prophet she truly brought the Spirit to the discussion. It was just an awesome reminder of the fact that although they're on the completely opposite side of the world and speak a completely different language, the Spirit speaks the same language! This message is true and I'm so pumped to start telling the people of Taiwan about it!

Our Tuesday devotional was by Elder Condie of the 70. He really focused on how important the Joseph Smith story and the book of mormon are for our investigators. A few of his comments : a crucial part of the first visioni is that joseph smith had a question and it was anwered. Never let this wondrous story become commonplace! If you want to know if Joseph Smith saw God, just ask Him! He was there! Joseph Smith is central to one's conversion, God knows it but Satan knows it too. 

We got to see Elder Packer's funeral, and to be honest these two funerals have been awesome spiritual feasts. It's sad that they're moving on, but its more of a celebration of life than anything else. A couple of thoughts from it - 1) When the apostles couldnt come to a decision on something he used to say "let the pending items pend" He was content to wait for further revelation, which is helpful because sometimes i get frustrated that i dont get an answer as soon as I want. BUT I know that everythings on God's time schedule (Shen de an pai) and its just good to remember . and  2) He used to see the divine in people and look beyone their human frailties. I think that if we do a better job of remembering that we are all God's children we will have a hard time getting upset with people..

Oh also this week all of the teachers came into our class and kinda shared stories from their mission experiences and advice as we're about to head out. I narrowed their advice down to 6 things that i really want to work on as i make the transition to the field. 1) try to learn as much as i can from everyone 2) Be grateful to God for every little blessing 3)Open my mouth all the time! 4) Watch for pride - do things to help others not for the recognition of the world 5)Pray hard every night for the continual confirmation that this message is true and to help my investigators know it too and 6)Keep setting and resetting goals to push myself further and further.

I was going to share some insights that I had from the scriptures this week but im out of time. I was reading Enos's story this week and just really thought about how nothing about his prayer was easy, it was all a struggle, but in the end God was there. Maybe if you have time this week you can check it out. Anyways I miss and love you guys a ton! Talk to you tomorrow:)

Elder Nelson 


                                          District with Instructor at MTC

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