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6/29/2015 Week 7 at MTC



Sorry this email is so late today was absolutely crazy. More on that to come later.


Sounds like mom is having a high old time in Utah. Crazy to think she's just right around the corner but so far away at the same time. I want to hold kendall so bad ahhh!!!


What is going on with phil and the promotion?


That would be so cool for amy to do the student teaching in DC! Why is she so against taking a self defense course?


Speaking of weather, it has been unbearably hot here the past few days. I was sweating buckets on the temple walk this sunday.


So cool about the breast cancer paper, let me know how it goes.


I think that that's absolutely crazy about the supreme court decision, (legalizing same sex marriage in the U.S.) I had no idea that it was this close to actually happening.  Also sounds like the world continues to become more corrupt with all of those terrorist attacks, that's crazy. It's weird we're kind of secluded here from the world...


hahahaha ANCIENT


Poor senor no gaviscon, how will you get any candy?


Hilarious the patients have gone next level, double check with a visit and STILL don't show up. classic.


What is that canadian student's thesis about? interesting at all?


In our district we have 2 sisters and my companion going to taiwan. Thenn one elder and one sister are going to leeds, england and another elder going to birmingham ( all speaking chinese) 


Travel plans  should be here this friday!!! hypeeee i really hope that they say "Taiwan" and not "Boston," as much as i love Boston...


Also a quite strange thing happened here at the mtc. They just built this new building for the sisters and moved them all over there. However, right after they moved them there they found bats in the building so everyone had to move out and they had to contact the CDC. We got to help all of the sisters move back. Quite a strange experience..


We're now skyping members in taiwan once a week which is really cool. We share a thirty minute message with them, just like we would any member. They're seriously the coolest ever! I can't wait to get over there!!!


The devotional speaker on Tueday was Marcus Nash of the 70. He talked about the plan of salvation and how that eternal perspective would help us get through our trials. I feel like that has been a theme of the past couple general conference talks..


Ohhh btw just got an email from the mission that i will need to bring my own sheets to taiwan or purchase them there after all sooo maybe phil or amy could send them to me here pretty please???


So this week was kinda crazy because it was the annual mission president conference for all the new mission presidents. That means that all of the quorum of the 12 apostles and the president of the church were here ( we didn't even see them). That also meant that we were locked out of the main building 1m, where all of the stuff was going on. That also meant that the cafeteria was closed so we ate in the gym. Buttt when these things happen apparently they cater, so this week we ate like kings. Taco bell, subway, chickfila, cafe rio..all of the new missionaries thought it was normal and we were like just you wait....Today we returned to the cafeteria and i was reminded of the delicious leftover chicken they have. Since the gym was taken up by people eating, that also meant that  I had to run outside this week, which was good but also hot. 


Since the conference was going on, the new taipei mission president was here and he and his wife came in and talked to us a couple of times. They were a really sweet couple and I know  that the missionaries of Taipei will be blessed to have them.


So btw i have super awesome teachers here. They really care about the missionaries and are always helping us to get better. This week I just wanted to tell you about one in particular tho - her name is wu jie mei. She's seriously so awesome. She always makes us these little drawings to learn new words, writes us notes, and gives us scriptures ( in characters) to learn how to write, including stroke order. She is always so thoughtful! And she has a crazy back story too...apparently in Taiwan she was going through some really hard stuff (parents split, emotional stuff, etc) but then she ran into the missionaries and this gospel changed her life...Her parents were way upset that she joined the church and to this day have no idea that she works at the mtc....oh and on top of that,  she's hilarious.


Ummm so kinda running out of time but a few more cool things. Our p day was kind of stolen today because of two things. the first was that we had the opportunity to clean the temple! It was a way cool experience, we were there for like 4 hours with q tips and cleaner getting all of the marks off of the lockers, dusting, on hands and knees etc. A lot of very detailed work. Really coool to see all that goes into preparing the house of the lord tho!


Secondly, today our district was hand picked to be interviewed by the Huffington Post. I had never heard of it but apparently its a really famous newspaper. anyway, this lady came and interviewed us today about missionary work, why we chose to serve a mission, etc. She's gonna be writing an article in the Huffington Post about the church so it was kinda cool that we got to be interviewed for that.  She was really nice tho and just asked us genuinely curious questions. She's an ordained minister herself for her church and as she was leaving asked us if it was okay that she could pray for us - super sweet. So look out for an article about the  church in the Huffington Post - if that newspaper actually exists haha.


In terms of scripture study this week, I've really been trying to tackle the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon. It has been a super awesome experience. For just about the first time in my life, I've been
able to understand a lot of them and get a lot out of them. Just one thought from that week is when the Lord says that His hand is stretched out still. No matter what we do, he is always reaching out to help us, to strengthen us. We just have to grab His hand and let Him pull us up. I think it goes along really well with what I was studying in the New Testament - when Peter tries to walk on water. It says that when he sees the storm, that he loses faith and falls. However, the next verse says that Christ IMMEDIATELY reaches out his hand to grab him. I liken this to the atonement. The moment we need help, the moment when we feel like we can't go any further, I know that Jesus Christ WILL help us and I'm so grateful for the Atonement that he performed for us.


Sorry about all the typos every week, limited time :)


Love and miss you all a ton!!! Have a great Week!!


Elder Nelson 


P.S. no time for pictures tonight bc Im way cramped for time but ill send them next weekkkk


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