Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 5 MTC

Hello familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Mom please i want you to repeat everything. First, i just love hearing from you and second it gives me an added perspective on stuff haha.

The Cutlers' is always a great time, what was for dessert? Theyre still doing that 3 am nonsense for scout camp? Dumbb

Im jealous you got to skype phish and the kidssss Is kendall the cutest ever?


Trek sounds a million times better haha. Theyre not just feeding them two spoonfuls of corn meal?

Sounds like the work is hastening in The Woodlands as well - thats really cool about the Vance's friend. Sounds like theres some awkwardness there though with the parents.

Hows Bro. Beyler doing?

What have you learned about family history? maybe ill learn more about it on the mission but so far i think theyre just trying to get us to be able to survive in taiwan haha.

Sounds like smeagol is GOING TO WORK. THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. if it was easy everyone would do it!

Thanks for sending that stuff mommy! I cant believe you're gonna be so close but yet so far. Hopefully you'll have a good time while you're here.

haha I sing at every choir practice but never perform, just because i like the guy who directs the choir. Hes super funny and he tells a lot of awesome stories about the people who wrote the songs or from the scriptures. He's like a less famous john bytheway

Ahh it feels like we've been waiting for this promotion for phil for forever! I hope he gets it!!!

Wow so G harveys not gonna be back for a little while longer then huh

Sounds like you guys could be in for a tropical storm. Not a hurricane yet? Is it right on or kind of off to the side? Good thing we have a hole in our roof haha

Glad to hear aunt deann and uncle lynn are doing better, that really scared me.

Sister Ellis is seriously amazing! Im so happy everythings coming together for her and she gets to use HER teaching philosophies to do it!

Yeah so they just focus on teaching us the pinyin so that we can converse with people when we get there. Its pretty much up to us to learn the characters once we've been there a while. I sneak a little extra studying of characters in on the side though, bc like you said I want to be able to read the scriptures in mandarin.

Lol Reed Richter is in my branch! It was so cool to have that connection. He's doing great, adjusting really well. We also got like 20 some odd new missionaries and its hilarious because im like the old wise missionary who's been here for 5 weeks even though im just as much of a noob as them. Still trying to be a good example/helping them learn the language.

Senor, you are FAMOUS. Poppin out papers like its nothing  - you should send them so that I can read them in my free time ( since I have so much of that).

I made the Dean's list? To be honest im not sure what that even means haha.

Thanks for fixing the amazon prime mommy! 

Lol Senor you jealous of bro ridd just a little?

hahahahaha glad to see the students at SHSU havent changed at all...that is a weird phenomenon with relatives passing away around due dates.

Sooo this week's speaker at devotional was Sister Burton ( the general relief society president of the church). She talked about how to be disciples of christ. What i got out of it was just that we need to love more. The true secret of discipleship is love and praying for others. She also told us that during conference, she was right after elder packer so she was watching him speak off of the teleprompter and after the teleprompter ended he just went on talking, starting with the part about how the Atonement leaves no scars. I'm sure there were a lot of people who needed to hear that last part of his message..

I also got a haircut this week. They offered me 3 options - the long missionary haircut, the medium missionary haircut and the short missionary haircut. I took the long option and I only look slightly ridiculous.

I forget if I told you that I'm now our District leader wahooo. Basically I just lead meetings and try to bring our district closer, although we haven't jhad any big problems with that seeing as we're all pretty close.

On Wednesday I hosted new missionaries for 2 and a half hours and we're doing it again this wednesday. One was going to Cleveland so maybe he'll see the victory celebration ;)

Now wer're "teaching" 3 inactives and 3 nonmembers which takes a tonnn of time to prepare for and such.

This Sunday we watched Legacy which had some GOLDEN acting. IF you watch it just remember "I'll have none of that!" Good stuff

I taught a priesthood lesson on repentance and it went well.

Ummm so a couple cool thoughts from the week I guess : Mormon remarks in the book of mormon ( talking about the waters of mormon) "how special was that place!" Mormon was named after the place where these people were baptized and by consequence so is the book of mormon. So, I guess baptism is really important. I also relate it to how special are our spiritual experiences! I think its critical that we write them down and remember what they meant to us.

Also in Mosiah 17? it says that the sons of mosiah said that they labored in the spirit. I took that to mean, of many things, that they labored to understand the spirit. It's something that ive been thinking about more as everyone feels the spirit in different ways so it's important to be able to explain it clearly to people who want to know more. It can also help us realize better when God is trying to talk to us.

Andd Enduring to the End is like swimming. When we're drowning, we have a loot more motivation to try to get to the top. However once we get to the top of the water we kinda get complacent. We need to consistently trying to get better every day one bit at a time.

The spirit is so strong here, but I'll still be glad when I fly off to taiwan haha :)

I love and miss you guys a ton! Have a good week!

Elder Nelson


P.S. So close Senor

P.S.S. also apparently in our TRC lesson this week I said ISIS instead of priesthood ( both shengzhi but with diff tones) so thats my first embarrassing language moment!

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