Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week 4 - 6/8/15


Week 4??!?!?!? It feels like I just got here yesterday but it also feels like ive been here for a little over 2 years haha.

 In terms of the finals, go cleveland! Senor if i was born in cleveland i might even like lebron more than i already do. Still dont think i would like the buckeyes.

 That charge from amazon is a mistake. I shouldnt have been charged for prime. Thanks for paying for t he shot! It must have had some discount because it was supposed to be like 246 not 146.

 Ugh Im so jealous Amy got to go to Oregon! I still haven't been back dream is to go to an osu football game in corvaliis - add that to the bucket list. Hope she got some bubblegum icecream for me.

 When does Phil find out if he gets the promotion? He deserves it, he's been working like crazy. Whats the new personal trainer like in our ward?

 Oh my goodness is Aunt Deann okay? What happened? What type of sickness did she get? Did they enjoy their trip at least? I'll be praying for them!
Glad to hear the gparents got back safely - cant believe grandpa did a marriage right after. They never cease to amaze me! Also got a note from them which was AWESOME.

 Hmmmm hawaii sounds pretty nice right now as well haha.

 You have to tell me if the chronic headache paper gets accepted! Lame about the breast cancer once...Sounds like you're working alot senor (as always)...Are you sure its not 9 years left?

 What are you guys gonna do about the squirrel problem?
Lol lucky smeagol he's probably having the time of his life without school. Is he hanging out with D/renny?

 Sounds like some crazy things are happening in the world...hacking + crazy airplane. Im assuming we didn't get hacked..

 What movie did you see?

 Thank goodness the bells got pushed ;)
Sounds like Taiwan's gonna be nice and chilly, cant wait.

 How did the BOSS tea party go? Did the girls learn "good manners"?

 The draftttttttttttt, now someone will actually have a chance to win seeing as I always seemed to take home the championship.

I write my friends individually but i know at least Garrett wants to get this email as well.

 I didnt even think about the logistical problem with the liu's moving back with 3 kids. Are they planning on moving back soon?

 Ok so this is crazy - Reed Richtor is one of the incoming 45 mandarin missionaries this wednesday. Hes gonna be in our branch! The branch presidency came by with pictures of the new missionaries and i saw The Woodlands, TX and i was like waaaaaa So that will be interesting.
I might be the luckiest guy in the world, as this was the second week in a row we got to hear from an apostle - this time elder christofferson. We once again used the tactics to get front row by going to choir before. He talked about "questions from the field." One that had the biggest impact on me was "What should i do if im discouraged?" HE stressed the point that quitting wont make it any easier - you need to keep going with your mind on the desired results. I liken it to a really hard workout in track. It's super hard but if you quit early you're disappointed with yourself and wish you would have given it your all. So, I am gonna give it my all - it's gonna be my best track workout yet haha.

 They dont teach us characters here but we convinced one of the native teachers to teach us characters on the side so thats cool.

 I found out that a girl in my district's dad is the ceo of polaroid.

It's really funny here, people care so much about the style of ties and pens. I guess it's because that's the only things they can choose.

Andrus from the BYU basketball team is here.

Im getting progressively more tired every day....

We were able to watch a live broadcast of L Tom Perry's funeral. It was sad buit also really inspiring. He was heard to say that he never had a bad day in his life, and one person commented that he impressed you simply by being the great souled person he was. It also struck me how he emphasized the importance of family as he got older. "Family is the center of life and key to eternal happiness." Im so blessed to have the best family ever!

Today was fast Sunday, which meant binge eating at dinner time as well as bearing my testimony in zhong wen as our branch is so small. It was simple, but good.

Sunday was a mission conference ( think Stake conference). I think by the end i was one of 5 elders and sisters who were still awake haha.

Ahhh I dont know what all to say, but i love and miss you guys every day! Your emails, dear elders, letters etc are what get me through.

Stay awesome!

Elder Nelson


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