Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 3 - 6/1/15

Bunks in the MTC
Elder Nelson's companion, Elder Thomas

FAMILY WHATSUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. It feels like that subject line is a typo. 

So first off, welcome to the family Kendall!!!!! Ahh pls send me tons of pics! How is tinks holding up? Her birthday is awesome because its twice mine sooo yeah im gonna be the favorite uncle. Speaking of pics pls send me lots of you guys! Mommy did a great job putting some together for me but theres room left in the book and i want more memories plsssss.

So dissapointed in the rockets. Hope Bron gets number 3.

Sounds like you guys are experiencing a 2 week hurricane my goodness. Is it ever going to stop raining? Is the street in front of the house actually like a river?

The language is hard but its coming. They dont teach us the characters, just the pinyin so we can talk. 

How is summer term senor? pysocopharm totally boss?

As of now I think the visa is on the right path. They said no news is good news and i havent got any news yet soo cross your fingers.

So dont know if you heard, but Tuesday's devotional speaker was Elder Holland! WE practiced with the choir so we could get in early then sprinted down to the front. IT was totally worth it., we were on the fourth row, just behind the deaf people and his family members. What an experience! Some thoughts from his talk - I can promise you one convert on your mission - you. This is as close to REAL LIFE as you'll ever get. Oberdience is the first law of heaven, an obedient missionary by definition has the spirit ( I swear they never stop talking about that one). They actually debated about whether to call Preach my Gospel, Preach my Gospel by the Spirit or not - taken from d&C 50. His main point though was that we have to open our mouths to be successful. He compared it to ephesians 6 when it lists the whole armor of God. Everything there listed is something used for defense except for the word of God which is the sword - that's the only think we have to attack so we need to OPEN OUR MOUTHS. Related it to how the devil couldnt kill Joseph Smith but could try to bind his tongue. Super cool.

Ive memorized our purpose, the baptismal invite and JS's first vision all in mandarin.

We do service in the cafeteria every thursday and unload stuff off trucks. Make me want to eat that food even less.

My companion loves ez cheese which is nasty.

So sad to hear about L Tom Perry :( Of all the apostles I didn't think he would be the one to go. He was an amazing witness of Christ.

On Saturday nights everyone here watches mormon messages because their brains are so fried by the end of the week.

On Sunday we got to hear from Janice Kapp Perry! So cool! She's seriously such an inspiration. She talked about music, and how it can bring the spirit like nothing else. She also talked about how if we want to be sanctified we must serve others, praying that we may to be able to fill others needs. We should finish our missions like a runner crossing the finish line - with nothing left in the tank. Oh and we also got to sing all her songs WITH HER AND I GOT TO SHAKE HER HAND!! So amazing! Her songs have always been my favorites.

For the Sunday movie we watched the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar, which is a talk that he gave a couple years ago on Christmas in the MTC. You guys should totally watch it if you can. Some tidbits - His talk revolved around a quote by Andersen that said there would have been no atoning sacrifice without the character of Christ. He then went on to explain that the character of christ was turning out instead of turning in (Look at him sending angels to john after he was tempted by the devil, father forgive them etc). He talked about the difference betweeen testimony and conversion - testimony is knowing that God exists while conversion is being consistently true to what you know. Another cool insight - repent means to turn back. Where were you looking before you turned back? Your self.

This Sunday I blessed the sacrament in mandarin oh and yeah I got called on to give a talk. Not gonna lie, was not super prepared but it was all in mandarin and I talked about the holy ghost and how that affected my testimony.

Anyways, I love you guys so much and miss you every day! Please send more pics!

NI zhang lao
Elder Nelson

P.S. Could you send these to garrett as well? And if any of my other friends want to read them? Thanks!

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