Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 2 - 5/25/15

MTC District at the Provo Temple
WHATSUP FAMILY. How is life in the hoods? anyways, i'l just respond to all the AW$ESOME info you guys told me and add a few tidbits  from the week.

Lol I refuse to  take metamucil for the rest of my life.

Senor which manuscript is it that you are sending in that just got revised? #famous

Sounds like you guys are getting a ton of rain. I feel like this must be a nation wide thing because here it has been raining almost every day and overcast. The weather is 10 times cooler than over there i believe.

Sounds like Amy's under a lot of stress with the byu kindergarten job. She's more qualified than a lot of people though, so i bet she'll get it. 

Sounds like things are going pretty well for phil so far (at least as far as getting hrs etc) That would be crazy if he got promoted in June!

The Fifes are so nice, I can't believe they did that. I'll have to send them a thank you note. Btw have you been getting my letters?

haha sister fife is right, patience is definitely needed sometimes. I actually gave a lesson on patience in our last district meeting.

Keep ringing those bells senor, your dedication to the church isnt forgotten ;) How are the attayas doin?

Oh Happy Memorial day! It stinks though because we don't get mail until tuesday and the temple was closed today so that was lame.

8 more years senor. Or is it 9?

There is this cool tradition in our branch where the older elders and sisters show the noobs a mormon message video of elder holland and miissionary work and the atonement. Best line is when he says that the reason why missionary work is not easy is because salvation is not a cheap experience. Definitely worth a watch.

I spilled milk on a sister in the cafeteria. And didnt cry about it.

Dear Elders are literally the best. SEND MORE I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS.

I got the package from sister nysetvold, that was super kind of her.

What movie did you guys watch today? Sleeping in sounds nice...

I still can't believe sister leamen is getting baptized, thats crazy.

Why does sister liu have to get a c secion?

WHY ROCKETS WHY THE WARRIORS ARE SO OVERATED. Thats super depressing. Go cavs.

The Chinese is tough, but the most stressful part is just trying to come up with a semicoherent lesson in chinese. The food is straight nasty. Im getting fat and it doesnt even taste good lol. Elder Thomas is a great companion, I think the Lord truly knew that that's who I needed to work with in my few weeks on the mission. He's not perfect, but there's not another elder I'd rather work with from my district.

We got to hear from Elder Soares and his wife on tuesday. They were realy awesome. Some thoughts from their talks - Sister soares, "If you dont like something about yourself now is the time to change it. Its not impossible." Elder Soares  - "Virtue is the willingness of an individual to do good, not a characteristic but an inclination. - A perfect coneection between moral agood and our desires....Obedience is the first law of heaven and an act of faith"

They're being really coy about the speaker this tuesday but theres a lot of hype that theres going to be an apostle lol.

How was your time with the gans and Jan?

Btw the patriarchal blessing you sent me was two copies of the first page.Thank you for sending it though!

On sunday nights we get to watch movies. Last sunday we watched meet the mormons and this week we watched the joseph smith movie about him being the prophet of the restoration. In between numb3rs episodes you should watch it. When I watched it I was overwhelmed with the spirit and the love that joseph smith had for this gospel and for jesus christ.

We finished teaching our mudaoyou. Even though I know she was a member of the church it was still an awesome experience. When we taught her about the restoration we were able to really connect with her. the spirit was so strong she started crying. She also turned out to be our teacher. Still learned a ton from her, and she commited to baptis again;))

We got chest x rays and blood drawn so hopefully everything is good for the visa.

We've been focusing a lot on SMART goal setting. 

I've been blessed with seriously awesome teachers. Couldn't have asked for better ones.

Every thursday we do service, which means unloading the cafeteria food off of big trucks. IT makes me want to not eat the food even more.

We played a joke on the sisters  that everyone in the mtc wears blue on saturdays for book of mormon saturdays, but we all ended up wearing blue anyways so now saturdays have become book of mormon blue saturdays. 

Also at the sunday devotinal had a super awesome spiritual experience. As part of the talk, the speaker played come come ye saints and the words really rang true with me when they said something like "Why should we have any treasure in store for us if we shun the fight? All is well!" I know it's not gonna be easy here, but life's not easy. That's how we progress and get better.

I love you guys so much your letters and emails seriously make my day. I miss you a ton, hope to hear from you soon!


Ni zhang lao
Elder Nelson

PS Please forward this to Garrett as well

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