Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28,2015


Sooooo throwback to when WE TALKED IN REAL LYFE THE OTHER DAY. It seems so surreal. You all looked great. Took me about 30 minutes to realize that i was still on a mission haha. That was the highlight of the week for sure. Besides that...Christmas day we had a pretty awesome christmas dinner actually. All of us missionaries decided we were going to get together and have everyone bring a side. Sooo we brought sandwhich ham and made sweet potatoes (looked a little bit different than the marshmallowed ones you guys are probably used to) andthen other people brought other stuff, including rolls, pumpkin cheesecake, stuffing, costco chicken, pizza, fried chicken you name it. haha i ate well that night. Christmas day we were pretty much doing the same stuff that we normally do butt we got to open up packages in the morning from awesome family and friends! Then at night we went around caroling to the people we had been doing the 12 days of Christmas thing to and delivered a framed picture of Jesus with a little note. It was actually pretty fun. But yeah that was the highlight..I will be getting a new companion this thursday on new years eve so that will be interesting.

haha im glad you liked the D&C 93:24. Hopefully when i get back i can read it to you.

Hopefully all the sickos have a quick recovery..

Hows the chapter coming senor?

Is Donald Trump actually gonna win the candidacy? 

How was the HEB turkey?

thats good you guys got to go to the temple. I cant go when im down here in the big southern city.

Smeag killed it on the ACt! So sweet! you know of course im going to be campaigning for him to come up to BYU and room with me...i did make a lot of great friends living the dorms though.

In personal study this week i really liked Job 29:15 -16 "I was eyes to the blind and feet was I to the lame.I was a father to the poor and the cause which I knew not i searched out." One thing that ive been trying to ask myself a lot recently is whether i really am being "eyes to the blind" and "feet to the lame." There are people all around us just waiting to be lifted up and especially at this Christmas season Ive felt the need to reach out more, whether it be to my companion, district members, ward members or investigators.

Anyways, i love you guys! So good to see your faces after so long! Hope you have a great week and an awesome new year!!

Elder Nelson


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 22, 2015 Christmas Week


sorry i dont have a ton of time to writeeeee but ill be seeing you in like 5 days so wahoooooooo.

I sent Amy's package to her address so not sure if she got it?? It had her gift with phil and mish's stuff in it as well.

that was probably my comp in the pics but i dont remember what i sent sooo haha sorry

We havent stoppped using the ac all year so welcome to the will be a sweaty christmas.

hahaha i lol'ed at your moses and abraham comment senor.

Still cant believe that happened to sweet about smeag killing it on the grades tho! such a stud

YES you must get a fam pic and send it to me!

So cool you guys could do the ksbj thing...there are a lot of people out there that need a lot of help.

So those pics i just sent our part of me and my companion's 12 days of christmas. haha we're finding christmas trees all over our area and taking pics in front of them for every day of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Sometimes random friends/strangers make it into the pic as well. Also, remember that nativity thing that we did? Well we decided to do the our best impersonation of it. Sooo for some members and investigators every day we sneak a little note with a little ornament and some candy or something into their mailbox for each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Hilarious because the members were talking about it at church and they were like "Theres NO WAY the elders did it, its probably the sisters" hehehe

Btw the temperature is still where we can wear short sleeves every day no problem. And still sweat sooo.

We'll be shooting for 10 am on the day after christmasmy time or 8 pm on christmas day your time. Are you sure just a phone number will work? do you guys have a skype name?

Also random note on Sunday we got to watch the christmas devotional and i saw that french horner guy from our ward playing! I didnt know he got a job in SLC..

So every week we meet with a guy named Brother Huang who is debilitated to the point where he cant walk and his arms and hands are distorted. I think i wrote about him last week. Well anyways he hadnt been able to come to church because of his disability and they dont have a car so this week we decided we would find a way to get him to church every week. So we carried him down 5 flights of stairs from his apartment in his wheelchair, got a member with a big van to take him there, then brought him up the stairs of the church (the elevator was broken in the church and they dont have one where he lives). So he got to come to church! Hopefully we'll be able to continue to get him there every week.

Also this Sunday was super special because we got to see the splitting of the stakes in gaoxiong to become 3 instead of 2, making 16 for Taiwan now. We are now in the ping dong stake. Apparently our goal is to have 20 by the end of next year. The work moves on...

I really liked Elder Christofferson's message in the December 2015 Liahona about Christmas. We all need to take a little bit of time out this christmas season to feel of the peace and warmth that comes from the reassurance of the Atonement that came from the birth of that marvelous child, Jesus Christ!

I love you guys and hope you have an awesome Christmas! Will be seeing you soon...

Elder Nelson



  Fiber Drink - a Gift

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015 Christmas in Taiwan and New Stateside Companion


How are you guys? 

haha Sounds like Texas weather is up to its usual bipolar self. At least Taiwan is consistently hot.

What on earth phil's car got stolen?? Man im so naive i thought that stuff only happened in shows like Numbers. When will he have a new one? have they found his old one ditched somewhere nearby?

What kind of changes did they want you to make for your chapter? Are you sure its not 8 1/2 years left senor? ;)

ACT RIP Smeagol.

Ahhh Nursery those days were the bestt. 

Sounds like the christmas choir concert was fun. Super sad about that girl though. Hope her family's finding some way to keep putting one step in front of the other.

Excited for your dallas trip senor?

Trump's not actually getting support is he? When are primaries again? 

I still sound like a fool when I try to speak chinese haha. The food in this area is actually pretty good for the price. They have a couple interesting places (like a place that sells burritos, italian noodles etc) I normally eat oatmeal and a banana for bfast, maybe some sandwiches for lunch then find something cheap outside for dinner. The companion is good, luckily we get along pretty well which makes a big difference, as im sure you know. The ward is awesome, they're super good to us.

Wow even the elders in Taiwan have their christmas tree up before you guys! Have y'all turned into scrooges?

Sounds like youre reading some interesting stuff in the scrips mommy, super cool.

How did the concert go for the stake??????

So this is what president said about christmas calls:

Christmas calls are almost here! Please note the following guidelines: 
•You are allowed to call or ‘Skype’ anytime on either December 25 or 26. If your family requests another date, please obtain permission from me. Please determine the best time in advance.
•Your calls should not exceed 45 minutes. If your parents are divorced or separated, you may talk with each parent for 30 minutes. 
•Please do not call anyone other than your parents unless you have obtained permission from me. 
•You are allowed to use member’s computers in their homes in order to Skype. Do not linger on computers to play games or look at inappropriate things. Remember that members are always watching you to see if you are PMG missionaries. Please do not let them down! 
•In all that you do and say, seek to uplift your family and bear witness of the Savior. Let them see the ways in which your mission experience has changed you.

Soo yeah we'll probably be calling on the 26th over here in the morning which will be christmas night for you guys. that way you guys dont have to wake up at an incredibly early time. I probably need to know what your guys skype addresses are btw....we'll hopefully be going to a member's house to make the call. Have yall gotten the christmas present that i sent you yet????

This week we had a couple cool experiences. We were trying to get in contact with a few less active members this week and went to visit a brother C that we had never met before. He didnt answer when we rang his door bell but i had a prompting that we should go ahead and call him instead of heading home like we were originally planning to do. Turns out he was home and had us up to visit with him. He has a super strong testimony, he was just stressed out with his calling and felt like every time he went to church it was like going to work BUT luckily we've been able to quickly develop a really good relationship with him and he's super awesome! He has this disease where its harder for him to walk around and eat and do basic things.

Second, this random guy from the states named Larry self contacted us when we were biking on the street. He just wanted to know more about the book of mormon and Joseph Smith and stuff so we sat down with him and discussed for a little. When he asked us how we knew the Book of Mormon was true I told him that i had read and prayed about it and bore my testimony of how it could help him and my companion did the same. Then he laughed and said we sounded scripted. It was like a slap in the face. I was being genuine and he straight up just laughed at us. Made me think about all the poor elders in the states...haha

We also brought the sacrament to this lady in the psych ward of a nearby hospital this Sunday. It was my first time blessing the sacrament in chinese in Taiwan so that was an interesting experience.

This week we also had our mission christmas activity, where the whole mission gets together for a day and parties it up. We went to a place called Sun Moon Lake. Its a super beautiful lake in the middle of Taiwan. Then we went to a buffett and had achristmas devotional. It was super fun but we got back super late so still recovering a little on the sleep end haha. It was so fun to see all of the people that had come on island with me and where they were at now and how they were doing. Eating unlimited steak was good too. :)

In personal study this week i was reading in D&C and came across D&C 98:40. I feel like a lot of times its hard to forgive others but until we do the spirit can't be with us. (that includes forgiving ourselves btw)

anyways i love and miss you guys a ton! Hope you have a great week!!

Elder Nelson  倪長老

                                                   Christmas Tree in Apartment



Sun Moon Lake

                                                                                                                                                                                        Eating with Brother C

New Companion

                                                                                            Friends in Taiwan

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015 Week 30 - Put up 8" Christmas Tree and String of Lights


How is life in Texas????????????????????????

Wow im pretty amazed that you got that chapter finished in time senor thats quite impressive. Sounds like your schedule is gonna be packed for the rest of the year and on into the next. Hopefully you can squeeze in a high school christmas concert.

Poor mommyy, did anyone make some chicken noodle soup for you?

Sounds like smeagol is kind of vicariously experiencing a really sad thing right now. I still remember when i was in high school and someone committed suicide from our school. Everyone was schocked like you never think it will happen to those who are closest to you.

"Would love to hear more about your daily activities, the local flavors of life, companion, language, etc." hmmmm....So the past couple of weeks we've been doing a LOT of finding. A lot of that is spent biking around the city, talking to people at stop lights, giving them a small tract and praying they have one minute to go to the side of the road so we can bear testimony about a gospel principle and set up another time to meet with them. There are often also people just sitting on their scooters waiting for friends or food or whatever so we'll try to talk with them as well. Im definitely going to get lung cancer while im out here ive decided. A lot of times we'll try to ride around to neighborhood family marts and 7s (there are a lot) and sit down with someone whos sitting outside at one of the tables. And odds are theyre smoking. So while trying not to breathe in the smoke too heavily we tell them about how Jesus Christ can help their lives :) This week i got cursed at for the first time and was also called devil church for the first time. thought it would have happened sooner really haha.

My companion and i actually get along really well right now. Im super lucky. It makes a big difference when you can just kinda talk as friends while youre going about doing the work. 

As far as language, Ive come to the realization that if you go chinese speaking, even after 2 years youre not going to be 100% fluent in the language. Right now im focusing a lot on trying to memorize the characters in the Book of Mormon. I think between the BOM, D&C and the POGP there are something like 2530 characters. Im through about 1000 but the problem is a lot of them are very similar haha.

hahahahahahaha laughed out loud at the image of mom poking angrily at her new smart phone.

Loved the insights from conference mommy! Its amazing how the spirit can touch our hearts in different ways everytime we read tehm.

Ishi, sounds interesting. Almost done?

Ahhh so good to hear from you guys. I feel like your guys lives are so much more interesting than mine haha. Lets seeee on this endd ummm oh so this week we bought a 99 kuai (about 3 dollar) christmas tree that is about 8 inches tall. We also bought a short strand of lights for a few bucks so downstairs we have a little christmas altar. The tree came with some plastic ornaments you could put up yourself so we spent one night decorating while listening to christmas music haha. Taiwan's just lacking that feel of christmas in the air like the states. Btw have you guys gotten the package i sent yet?

We had Zone training meeting this week so that was goood. I really liked the message that they shared about just doing your best and not comparing yourself to others. I feel like especially on the mission, a lot of people get caught up in things and find it difficult to remember their true purpose as missionaries, to bring others to Christ, not to get x number of people at church to impress the mission president. 

This week the celebration of thanksgiving finally came to a close with our 5th thanksgiving dinner. The senior couple whos serving close to our area had us over for costco chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing, salad, fruit, rolls, this carrot salad thing, gravy and pie (banana cream, chocolate, rasberry and pecan). Funny, i thought i wasnt even going to get ONE thanksgiving dinner this year haha.

This week i was studying the story of Korihor in Alma 30 and i was reminded of a part that ive always liked in it. When Korihor's asking for a sign of God's existence, Alma essentially tells him "Thou hast had signs enough." I think thats so true for us as well. We've had so many spiritual experiences, so many things that confirm to us the existence of God and His love for us we just have to recognize them. I think thats kinda our responsibility as missionaries, to help people recognize God's hand in their lives.

Anyways, i love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!!!

Elder Nelson


Monday, November 30, 2015

November 23, 2015 Week After Thanksgiving


How are things on that side of the world?

Sounds like Thanksgiving was super fun, even with the unorthodox method of making the stuffing. Not gonna lie, kinda jealous. For thanksgiving on this end we went to a buffet with all you can eat meat lol. Oh also the day before this white guy who lives in our area made this thanksgiving dinner for his students and held a party at the church and invited the missionaries so we got to eat thanksgiving food there too, with enough leftovers to eat the next night as well. A senior couple in our area is also having us over for a thanksgiving dinner this week so by the end of everything I'll probably have had 5 thanksgiving dinners haha.

Lol smeagol probably partied hard all week. Congrats on getting through that chapter senor, that must have been a pain. Are you gonna send it to me? ;)

Did you like Brooklyn?

So crazy that Hales is taking that job in Philadelphia. Thats gotta be so stressful and exciting and nervewracking and awesome at the same time. IT will be weird with hamstr and her being separated..

Wowww senor you are busyyyy, 2 patients a day during your BREAK? 

That must have been fun to see David and Renny as well. Arijit didnt come back did he? Super nice of Mrs Gan as well to send that basket...

haha its actually funny senor i was thinking this week, ya know i would love to go to the TWHS choir concert with pops right about now. If im ever back in time again i will be your loyal comrade.

That article on the theory of relativity sounds BOSS. Still so crazy to think that all of that stuff in Paris really happened. You said if only people could see the pattern in the BOM...every day i tell myself the same thing - if only people could see how beautiful this gospel is! 

That was super cool about how the general authorities got their testimonies mommy! They're just like us, gotta start somewhere.

Mommy you're always reading the most interesting books haha did you like this last one? And yes i got the christmas package! It is currently being hidden underneath our stairs.

Soo yeah im in my new area now, yuan shan. Im also the English Leader now which is obnoxious because it means i pretty much have to plan the english party all by myself. Its super fun though because one of the sisters from my MTC district is in my district here so we've been able to catch up and see what we've been up to these past few months. The ward here is super cool, i was able to meet a lot of them on Sunday and luckily already been able to establish good relationships with a lot of them. 

This Friday was particularly special because Elder Stevenson, of the quorum of the twelve apostles came to visit our mission :O His son was released off of his mission last week, so their
family came over to pick him up and decided they might as well come and give us some counsel/advice or whatever. We all shook his hand as we were going into the chapel. Im not gonna lie, i was pretty dang tired while he was talking but I really liked how real he was. Like he said something along the lines of "If i wake upat 6 30 i dont get blessings, i just get tired" and then when he was flipping to find a scripture he was like "D&C 42...or is it 46?" Everything he said was really good and inspired me but the most memorable part was when he bore his testimony at the end, specifically about Jesus Christ. The spirit filled the room and everyone was just like man, this guy must be an apostle or something.

I was reading in Job this week in the Old Testament and I particularly liked Job 5:17 "Behold happy is the man who God correcteth, therefore despise not thou the chastening of the almighty." It reminded me of a quote by Elder Bednar who said something along the lines of if we're not getting chastised by the spirit every night we probably want to reevaluate the sincerity of our prayers.The power of repentance is real and doesnt just have to be used for big transgressions. What lack i yet? :)
Anyways, i loveee you guys a ton and hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Nelson

Ni zhang lao

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 16, 2015 New Companion - E. Rock to Office


Wow sounds like a lot is happening at home both on the home front and abroad. That party for Annie's birthday will probably be super fun! 

But Senor geez you got a ton on your plate, what between patients, working on that chapter that you need to have finished by December 1st, temple trip, the med school thing, goodness. You seem to be a little overcomitted at the moment. I'll try to pray that you can survive these next couple weeks haha.

We actually haven't heard a single thing about the terrorist attacks on Paris. What happened?? And a russian passenger jet? and a suicide bomber? What is going on in the world?

haha running the race with patience is an every day battle but im starting to find my speed i think/hope.

cant believe amy actually has a car now..its like shes about to graduate college or something :O

Yes me and Garrett celebrated together this last week as it was my half birthday :) Will Renny be spending any time with you guys over the thanksgiving break?

I think they have a childrens program over here but i havent seen one yet..

They do already baked turkeys at kroger? how really curious how thanksgiving is going to turn out on this end. Maybe ill eat some extra noodles or something haha.

Glad the brakes turned out okay. I feel like those things are always going out. Also good to hear Sister Ellis's school chugs right on along. How many students does she have now?

Love the scrip senor maybe ill ponderize it this week ;)

Sounds like youve been running all over the place mommy trying to get a hold of that coat for amy. Its always one thing or another isnt it?

The chinese is very "man man lai" as us mandarin speakers say - literally translated meaning slow slow come or slowly coming along. Right now I'm working on studying the characters found in the Book of Mormon so that I can actually be able to read it and share with investigators more easily.

Man ribs sound pretty good right now...

So in terms of what happened on this end this week it was kind of crazy. On Saturday night we got a call telling us that my companion, elder rock was moving to tai zhong to be our mission's financial secretary. Before it had been a senior couple but their mission is about to come to an end so they need them to train him and for him to serve in the interim until the new couple comes on board. Apparently he has some background in accounting so thats why they asked him to do it. Hes super stressed because the only other people in the office are like the assistants and the president and his wife. Butt because he moved out (one week early too) I got a new companion! His name is Elder xu and hes a "bendiren" or a native! Hes from taoyuan which is where the airport is here in Taiwan. It's kind of stressful but i'm really hoping that this will be a great opportunity for my language to improve a lot. I just barely met him so its hard to know how things are gonna turn out.

In terms of Sister Zhang, she's going to get baptized this Saturday! Next week after shes baptized ill probably write more about her because she's seriously the coolest ever.

We met Richard again this week and its super frustrating with him because he knows the Book of Mormon is true! Its just that literally all of his other friends are in another christian church and he's also in a christian band so he fears that if he joins the church he will lose all of the people around him that he loves most. Its a sticky situation. Maybe you guys can pray for him that he'll be able to have the faith to choose to be baptized and act on the answer he's received.

this week I was ponderizing Matthew 13:44. It says something about how the gospel is like a man  that finds a treasure in a field, the which when he finds it he selleth all that he hath and buyeth that field. I dont know why, i'm just always touched by this scripture every time i read it, A question that i used to allow myself to ponder it better this week was, Am i selling all that I have?

Anyways, not a lot of time because my new companion just got here and we got to do some stuff but i miss and love you guys a ton! I Hope you have a great week!!

Elder Nelson

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Work Continues in Gio Xiong


Sounds like you guys had a really cool broadcast. Cool opportunity to hear from an apostle. 

Also congrats on the Altimaaa! haha i should have known that you guys would revert to the old classic. Hopefully it will be able to last the hamster a good little bit. Geez she's so olld. Was it super expensive?

To be honest i had no idea that the leaders of china and taiwan were meeting...we dont see a lot of the media here unless theres a tv on in a restaurant or something.

haha just give them all A's Senor, youre guaranteed to get a pay raise.

So what is that chapter youre writing about even on? Also is the med school thing getting trashed just because that one guy left or??

Smeag's such a studd. Shouldnt track be starting up within the next couple months as well? Glad to hear the hamster and phillus are doing at least ok enough.

Wow what a party at the outback! Crazy to think that your mom would be 100 years old now pops. Strangely enough, i still remember that funeral/time in general.

The Surfside party sounds like it will be super fun as well, just about everyone's gonna make it down. Im sure smeagol will enjoy some alone party time.

We actually haven't had like any rain here since ive gotten here..Its definitely still very warm though. Apparently the winters in gao xiong are pretty nice but the summers are absolutely deathly hot. So im probably lucky

Yeah apparently christmas here is just like any other day. Like even for us missionaries, besides talking to the family we're just out on the streets continuing to preach the gospel. Also you're definitely not allowed to talk about all of the delicious foods that you guys will be eating for Thanksgiving (also doesnt exist in Taiwan).

haha i didnt know you were a muppets fan senor..

Yay taxesssss

Are the flowers still surviving mommy? haha not gonna lie kinda laughed to myself hearing you talk about running back and forth to lowe's. I can see it oh so clearly.

Is the book youre reading one of those historical fiction ones mommy?

D&C 84:88 is an awesome scripture. You guys probably know how often we have to rely on that promise as missionaries.

So in terms of random things that happened this week...We had some exterminators come by our apartment and spray some stuff and my goodness it was disgusting. After they left, our kitchen floor was literally layered in hundreds of dead cockroaches. Senor probably would have passed out. Butt now we dont have as many crawling through our dishes so  thats nice haha. 

Also funny story: So we were biking home one day and saw this booth thing on the side of the road selling Taiwanese peanuts. She let us try some then thrust this huge bag full of them at us wanting us to buy it for 200 kuai. We told her oh maybe next time but she just kept holding her hand out at us saying "Money, money" (in english) haha gotta love Taiwannnn

This Friday we had a special mission tour where the asia area president Elder Wong came and talked with us and told us how to be better missionaries, as well as President Blickenstaff and his wife. It was actually super good, all of the gao xiong missionaries were there so I got to see some old friends from previous zones/MTC days. We also got free lunch which was nice. Elder Wong was hilarious, he kept talking about how since he was a general authority he had special privileges.

So this week had some good and some bad in terms of investigators. Remember Richard? Well he's experiencing major opposition from both his mom (who doesnt want him to marry a mormon girl) and his other christian friends/church. He shot us a txt the other day and said he could keep coming to our church but that baptism was going to be impossible...:( we're meeting with him this Friday.

Zhang ai li on the other hand is incredible! She is literally just miracle upon miracle. For example, recently we taught her about the word of wisdom. She brought up the concern that she drinks coffee every day. She prayed to Heavenly Father to help her stop and the next day when she drank coffee she said it tasted disgusting to her. Shes actually reading the Book of Mormon with real intent and every night we call her for 30 or 40 minutes just helping her to understand what she's reading. everytime we meet with her i leave on a spiritual high and shes really helped my own testimony to grow as Ive realized what the principles in the Book of Mormon mean to me.

This week in the Book of Mormon I was reading the story of Abinadi. And i really like something that he tells the wicked priests. He's talking to them about the law of moses/commandments and then he says that "I perceive that they are not written in your hearts." How do we make the gospel written in our hearts? Maybe something y'all can ponderize this week :) 

Ahhhh I love and miss you guys so much! I hope you have a great week! Ill try to get some pics off today 

Elder Nelson


Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Nese's B-Day


haha Senor you would be surprised how entertaining it is for me to hear about the weather report in Houston. I can picture the anemic fall so well. Although we dont really have a fall here either. Trick or treating/Halloween in general does not happen here. Poor kids dont know what they're missing out on. Oh and yeah daylight savings does not happen in Taiwan. Totally forgot that was even a thing.

Senor your schedule sounds crazy right now! Grant reviews, textbook chapter, med school. Think you'll everapply for another grant? ;) Think SHSU will get the med school?

Woahhh Amy's getting a car??? SO WEIRD. Its like shes a real adult or something. How much are you gonna have to pay for it? Isnt 90k miles a lot?

That pic of the city lights was from the roof of our apartment back in taizhong. Yeah that overcast feel is really just because theres so much pollution. I used to think it was foggy every morning but when my shirts started graying slowly i caught on haha. 

Glad to hear Tim is recovering. Excited for Lukas. And sounds like you really like the Stake President. He's a pretty nice guy, huh? 

Hows the family history work coming mommy?

Ohhh yeah my MTC teacher emailed me saying he'd met someone from Taiwan who knew me up at byu or something? small world

Right now we're working with some AWESOME investigators. Theres this one family, zhang jia ting who are so prepared its unbelievable. They were finally able to come to church this last sunday for the full three hours. Theres a grandma, a mom and her little girl. At the end, the primary children were practicing for the primary program and the mom broke out into tears. She told us if there was one word that she would tell her future self about the feelings she had at church that day it would be "believe." So cool. We were kinda worried because the gospel principles lesson was on temple work and some pretty deep stuff but she seemed to have a really good experience. Richard and zeng jie mei we're also still meeting with. (Richard is the drummer). They both have baptismal goals for a couple weeks down the road. I invited Richard to come visit us in Texas in a couple years btw so i hope you guys dont mind..I told him about my mom's cooking ;) We're also meeting with this 14 year old kid lin zi peng. He seems to really like church, but tbh i dont know if he really understands the importance of everything,  But yeah, a lot of exciting potential right now.

The food is pretty much the same. We're eating inside more which is kinda good. We also discovered a local japanese restaurant with sushi that we go to quite frequently. Yeah we're on the West coast of gao xiong, in a harbor place so theres a lot of businesses working on shipping and freight stuff. We're right by a lot with a bunch of those huge box things that go on the ships (think Batman Begins).

So in terms of interesting stuff that happened this week...Monday for pday we went to a place called monkey mountain. Its this small little mountain with beautiful foliage and TONS OF MONKEYS. If you have food they'll straight up come and steal your food haha. It was a constant struggle to try to snag a selfie with them. Im behind on pics but ill try to send a few off  bc it was super cool.

Tuesday night the bishop had us over for a dinner and it was amazing. There's a costco in our area, so the wife prepared the most delicious American costco dinner ever, complete with pizza pasta salad chicken etc. You'd be surprised how big a difference a good meal can make in your day haha.

Every day we meet so many interesting people contacting in the most random places. For example, on Thursday alone we met 1) A lady in a print shop who has two daughters studying Chemistry and was interested in coming to our english class 2) a guy from new jersey who had just barely retired and was circling the island for a couple weeks and said hed get in contact with missionaries there 3)Some guy who came up to us asking us to go visit someone in his company who has no friends and 4)a 17 year old kid named Raonchen, who lives right next to us, came and checked out the church, and played some songs for us on the piano, including "It's only just a dreammmmmm." But yeah i wish you guys could just watch a video of a day in the life haha.

Anyways, this week i was really struck by Luke 21:9 "In your patience, possess ye your souls." Idk i feel like those 7 words have a lot of meaning. I think that one of the biggest things that we're meant to learn on earth is patience. Patience is really hard and its something that I myself have not been the best with but i feel like a lot of the trials God gives us are to teach us patience and how to deal with hard things with a smile.

I love and miss you guys a ton and hope you have a great week!!! 

Elder Nelson

Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015 First Week of New Area Gio Xiong


I tried to send some pics so i hope you got them. Im kinda behind on sending pics right now so the next couple weeks will hopefully have quite a few.

Sounds like you guys kinda got blasted by a storm. Over here we didn't get anything so I'm guessing the typhoon must have veered off at the last second. Make it to conference?

If smeag went on his mission at 18 id be pretty sad :( i want to see him before HE leaves for 2 years! haha ACT THROWBACKKK when does smeag have to take that thing?

Yeah Doctor Cook had a bunch of different teams working on different organs...have they had any breakthroughs recently?

Glad to hear that some of the antibiotic stuff is helping mom

I have no idea about the flu shot thing..

SMEAG good work in school whatt a stud!...told you he could do it

sounds like volunteering is a super cool opportunity mommy. Made some friends there as well ?

ahh that family reunion will be fun how long is it going to be?

How is it reading in the OT?

Yeah a lot of the members here like to practice english here as well. Im super lucky though because chinese is everywhere. I cant even imagine what its like trying tolearn the language and not being immersed thats got to be super tough for reed.

So this week a lot happened but looking back its hard to know what to tell you guys. We have 4 SUPER awesome baptismal goals right now. The first is zhang jie mei and her mom. We found her by calling through formers. Shes so prepared its unreal. Shes told us that she feels the spirit when she prays and she really understands how personal revelation and the scriptures work which is super rare in taiwan. She seems like shes already been a member for like 10 years. The second is lin shuai ge. Hes fourteen years old and super quiet but its hilarious because everytime we follow up with him on how his prayers have been going he says "hen bang!" and lights up, which just means awesome! The last is a guy named richard. Hes a drummer in another christian band, and in the past his preacher has bashedour church hard. He thought it was so cool how we didnt bash them back though, and hes told us that he knows that the book of mormon is true andwants to get baptized! Only problemis his work is in another church. Its been so cool to see how the Lord has delivered these people into our hands in such a short period of time.

Besides that the highlight was probably mommy's blueberry muffin mix. I had been saving it but i made it this Sunday for lunch. haha we don't have an oven so i had to improvise by putting it in a pan and putting it in our little toaster oven, making one big muffin. It was super great, that's a scientific miracle that they can only add water and make them.
I love you guys a ton and hope you have a great week!

Elder Nelson


P.S. Pls pray for David and his family, just found out his grandmother passed away..:(
great in school what a stud...told you he could do it